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Portraying a Citizen Army: 1775 at Ticonderoga

We all can picture the minute men of Lexington green on April 19th 1775. The image of armed patriot citizens, spontaneously fighting for their rights is indelibly burned into our collective memory of the American Revolution. This summer at Fort … Continue reading

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Notes from the Landscape: Winter Tree Identification

  Trees can be identified in winter by looking at the shapes formed by their trunks and bare limbs. Each tree species has a distinct shape, and its bark, twigs, and inactive buds give clues to help reveal its identity. … Continue reading

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Preparing the Arms Collection for a New Exhibit

A significant part of developing a new exhibit at Fort Ticonderoga is the preparation of collection objects before they go on display. Some objects require very little preparation, others require somewhat more attention. In the case of the museum’s newest … Continue reading

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