Scots Day

Celebrating Scottish Military Heritage and Culture

June 17, 2017

Celebrate Scottish culture and military heritage at Fort Ticonderoga! Discover your own Scottish connection by visiting clan tents and vendors and enjoy the sounds of Scottish music performed throughout the day. Discover the stories of centuries of Scottish soldiers in the British Army through a military timeline and remember the incredible bravery and discipline of the Black Watch against insurmountable odds at the 1758 Battle of Carillon Ceremony. Experience all of this within the beautiful stone walls and vistas of Fort Ticonderoga!

Participating Clans 2017

  • Clan Campbell
  • Clan Davidson
  • Clan MacLeod
  • Clan MacPherson
  • Clan Rose

Participating Organizations and Information Tents 2017

  • St. Andrew's Society of the Adirondacks
  • St. Andrew's Society of the City of Albany
  • St. Andrew's Society of Schenectady
  • Daughters of Scotia, Lady Douglas Lodge
  • Clan and Tartan Information with Peter Fish

Pipe Band

  • Leatherstocking District Pipe Band


  • Border Collie Demonstrations with Jim McRae from Green Acres Farm in Pittsford, Vermont.


Visitor Schedule

10:00 AM Opening Ceremony and Flag-Raising (At the Large American Flag)

10:15 AM Key to the Continent Tour (Begins at the Large American Flag) Discover the real story of 1757. Step into Fort Carillon, later named Ticonderoga, filled inside and out with French soldiers, native warriors, and cannon preparing to take the fight for New France all the way up Lake George to secure the empire. Explore this chapter among many in the history of Ticonderoga, the Key to the Continent.

11:00 AM Musket Demonstration (Fort Demonstration Area) Defending fort walls or siege trenches French soldiers could fire a hail of bullets. Discover the muskets of French soldiers and artillerymen and how they worked together to hold their ground.

11:20 AM Procession to the Scottish Cairn (Departs from the Demonstration Area immediately following the Cannon Demonstration)—Ascend the Heights of Carillon with representatives of the Black Watch, and representatives of the clans. Follow to the Black Watch Cairn, built in 1997 as a memorial to the soldiers for the Black Watch who died attempting to overtake the French Lines in 1758. 

 11:30 AM Cairn Memorial Ceremony (Black Watch Memorial Cairn on the Carillon Battlefield)

11:30 AM A Guided Tour of the Ticonderoga Museum (Begins on the Parade Ground) More than a century of collecting has allowed Fort Ticonderoga to acquire North America’s largest and most important collection of 18th-century military material culture. This guided tour will give you the scoop on the most significant, rare, and interesting pieces in the collection.

11:30 AM Breaking Ground Tour (Begins at the Large American Flag) From military garrison gardens to a secluded colonial revival commemorative spectacle of color and light, explore one of the oldest cultivated landscapes in America. Discover the layers of horticultural history of the Ticonderoga peninsula.

11:45 AM Carillon Battlefield Tour (Begins at the Black Watch Cairn) Tour the Carillon Battlefield with a soldier of the Black Watch, whose legendary sacrifice charging the French Lines helped immortalize the battle world-wide. Discover how this battlefield preserves both the memory and the remains of this battle.

12:00 PM Border Collie Demonstration (Field on the left side of the exit road) Join Jim McRae of Green Acres Farm and his Border Collies as they demonstrate sheep herding. See these real working dogs show their skills to move herds of sheep from pasture to pasture.

12:00 PM Leatherstocking Pipe Band Concert (Performance on the Parade Ground) Enjoy Scottish bagpipe and drum favorites from the Leatherstocking Pipe Band of Oneonta, New York inside the stone walls of the barracks of Fort Ticonderoga.

12:30 PM Surprising Scots(Mars Education Center Great Room) The Scottish soldier is one of the most enduring and iconic figures of the British Army, but did you know that during the 18th century Scots served in the armies of multiple nations? Learn about the surprising history of Scottish soldiers and regiments outside of Scotland with Fort Ticonderoga’s Curator Matthew Keagle.

1:00 PM Leatherstocking Pipe Band Concert (Performance on the Parade Ground) See 12:00 for description.

1:15 PM Key to the Continent Tour (Begins at the Large American Flag)—See 10:15 for description.

1:45 PM Border Collie Demonstration (Field on the left side of the exit road)—See 12:00 for description.

2:00 PM Cannon Demonstration (Performance on the Parade Ground) Artillerymen’s work was half art and half science, carefully measuring powder, wadding, and iron cannon balls, to make powerful, perfectly-aimed shots. In 1757 how did French Artillerymen take their guns over mountains and lakes to batter British forts?

2:30 PM Narrated Timeline of Scots Military History (On the Parade Ground)—From the great campaigns of empire in the 18th century to contemporary fights in the Middle East, explore the service and equipment of Scots soldiers throughout history. 

3:00 PM Key to the Continent Tour (Begins at the Large American Flag)—See 10:15 for description.

4:00 PM Mount Defiance: Witness to History Tour (On Mount Defiance) —Get a birds-eye view of America’s most historic landscape! As Fort Ticonderoga relives 1757, join this tour and imagine the rows of soldiers’ tents and the fleet of war canoes of this stored campaign and discover the sweeping saga of Ticonderoga surrounded in stunning scenic beauty.

4:30 PM Closing Ceremony and Flag-Lowering (At the Large American Flag)

Throughout the Day

Take a Carillon Boat Cruise. Cruises at 1:00 PM & 3:30 PM.  Make reservations at Guest Services in the Log House Welcome Center or in advance by calling (518) 585-2821

Visit the clan and organization tents (Lawn by the Log House Welcome Center)

Visit our historic trades, museum exhibitions, and the King’s Garden