Fifth Annual Garden & Landscape Symposium

Saturday, April 9, 2016

The King’s Garden at Fort Ticonderoga presents the Fifth Annual Garden & Landscape Symposium, Saturday, April 9, 2016, in the Deborah Clarke Mars Education Center. We invite you to join us, whether you are an experienced gardener or just getting started, for helpful insight from garden experts who live and garden in northern climates. 

This one-day program focuses on practical, easy-to-implement strategies for expanding and improving your garden or landscape. The programs are offered in an informal setting that encourages interaction between speakers and attendees. 

Download the Garden & Landscape Symposium brochure and registration form.

Session Descriptions

Thomas Jefferson's Revolutionary Garden—Thomas Jefferson wrote that "the greatest service which can be rendered any country is to add a useful plant to its culture," and Monticello's 1,000-foot-long, terraced vegetable garden became an experimental laboratory, an Ellis Island of new and unusual vegetable novelties from around the globe. While growing over 330 vegetable and 170 fruit varieties. Jefferson was also a pioneer in supporting farmer's markets and promoting vegetable cookery. This revolutionary garden resulted in a revolutionary cuisine in the kitchen at Monticello. Restored in 1984, the garden and the Jefferson legacy continue to inspire the farm to table movement today. Peter J. Hatch is the Emeritus Director of Gardens and Grounds at Monticello, where for 35 years he oversaw the care of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation's 2400 acres, restored the gardens of Thomas Jefferson, and oversaw a variety of educational program. Mr. Hatch has lectured in 37 states on Jefferson the history of garden plants, written four books on Monticello and its gardens, and received numerous accolades for his efforts in restoring and caring for the gardens of Thomas Jefferson.


Top Flowers and Vegetables for North Country Gardens—Dr. Leonard Perry has coordinated the All-America Selections flower display  garden at Burlington's Waterfront Park for over 20 years, rating and publishing online each year's entries.  From the thousands he has  grown in this award-winning garden, he will highlight top performers  for our climate.  He'll also cover ten top vegetables he has grown, or  covered in his online course on Home Vegetable Growing--vegetable  crops that are the main ones grown by gardeners in our area.  Dr.  Perry will end with results and photos from his field perennial  trials, focusing on coneflowers, coralbells, and a couple of the  popular groups of ornamental grasses. Leonard Perry is Fort Ticonderoga's Horticulturist in Residence, the author of The Fruit Gardener's Bible, and served as the Extension Horticulture Specialist at the University of Vermont for 34 years.


A Sense of Place: Gardens that Celebrate the Natural Landscape—The spectacular rural landscape of New York and New England —with majestic mountains, fertile farms and canopied forests—inspires gardens that echo this wider world. In this richly illustrated talk we will explore how to evoke the imagery of the land in our garden-making, including: the design of natural spaces, layered composition, contrasts of sun and shade, the cycle of the seasons, using stone and wood in the garden, and our choice and arrangement of garden plants. Judith Irven is a landscape designer, garden writer and life-long gardener. She lives in Goshen, Vermont, on the western slopes of the Green Mountains, where she nurtures an expansive garden. She is a Vermont Certified Horticulturist and teaches Sustainable Home Landscaping for the Vermont Master Gardener program. She also writes about her Vermont gardening life at Her husband, Dick Conrad is a landscape and garden photographer; you can see some of his photographs at




Planning Perennials for Pollinators—We’ve all heard the alarming news about declining numbers of butterfly and bee populations, which are important pollinators. However, we can help encourage and support pollinator populations with careful choices in what we plant in our gardens. Learn how to create a beautiful, easy-care garden using native pollinators. Sarah Salatino is the owner and head grower of Full Circle Gardens, a perennial nursery in Essex, Vermont. Sarah's nursery grows over 650 varieties of northern hardy perennials on site, including many native varieties.



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