Sixth Annual Garden & Landscape Symposium

Saturday, April 8, 2017

The King’s Garden at Fort Ticonderoga presents the Sixth Annual Garden & Landscape Symposium, Saturday, April 8, 2017, in the Mars Education Center. We invite you to join us, whether you are an experienced gardener or just getting started, for helpful insight from garden experts who live and garden in northern climates. 

This one-day program focuses on practical, easy-to-implement strategies for expanding and improving your garden or landscape. The programs are offered in an informal setting that encourages interaction between speakers and attendees. 

Presenters and topics:

Luscious Landscaping, with Fruiting Trees, Shrubs, and Vines—Luscious landscaping is the way to beautify your yard and to put (very) local, healthful, flavorful food on the table. Introducing the best trees, shrubs, and vines offering luscious fruits as well as pretty flowers, form, fall color, and/or fruits through the season. The best of these plants also are low maintenance, being pest-resistant and requiring little or no pruning. Dr. Lee Reich is an avid farmdener (more than a gardener, less than a farmer) who turned from plant and soil research with the USDA and Cornell University to writing, lecturing, and consulting. His farmden is a test site for innovative techniques in soil care, pruning, and growing fruits and vegetables.


The Pell Family Apple Orchard and the Golden Age of Pomological Diversity—The gnarled apple trees dotting the lawn surrounding the King’s Garden are particularly important survivors of a different era in the history of American fruit cultivation. Stemming from research during Riley's summer of 2016 Edward W. Pell Horticultural Graduate Fellowship, this presentation discusses the Pell apple orchard’s cultural and historical significance. Riley Clark-Long graduated from Connecticut College in May of 2016, majoring in Environmental Studies with a minor in Anthropology. Currently part-way through an 11-month Land Stewardship and Environmental Education Internship at Natural Land’s Trust in Elverson, PA, Riley is also in the midst of applying to graduate school. 

Deer in the Garden: Controls and Deterrents—In this presentation you'll learn many tricks to out smart deer, why they eat some plants and not others, and why they eat your plants and not those of your friends.  You'll learn examples of the various levels of deterrents,  such as smells, and how to use them effectively.  There are various types of fencing that will be shown, including some low cost options that work in some situations. Dr. Leonard Perry is the King's Garden Horticulturist in Residence and a Horticulture Professor Emeritus from the University of Vermont. He worked with the UVM Extension for 35 years, and continues to teach online courses at UVM, to write monthly garden articles posted on his Perry's Perennial Pages (, to be involved regularly with UVM Extension's Across the Fence television program, and to lead garden tours under his Green Mountain Horticulture consulting business.   

Top Perennial Flowers for Attracting Pollinators in Northern Gardens—Attracting and supporting pollinators in your garden has a myriad of benefits for you, your garden, and the little creatures that rely on the nectar and pollen from flowering plants to survive. Learn about some of the top flowering perennials that pollinators love and that flourish in northern gardens. Annie White, PhD, ASLA, is the owner of Nectar Landscape Design Studio & Consulting in Burlington, Vermont, and is a part-time lecturer of landscape design at The University of Vermont. Annie studies the fascinating interactions between plants and pollinators and enjoys inspiring others to create more habitat for bees and butterflies in their own northern gardens. 


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