Great Wars: Ticonderoga and World War One

Uncover the surprising connections between the First World War and the 18th century. The First World War reshaped the scale and repercussions of warfare in the early 20th century. Similarly, the Seven Years War forever altered the face of imperial warfare and its implications in the 18th century, leading to the creation of the United States, and birth to Fort Ticonderoga.

The Fort Ticonderoga museum was not even a decade old when the war began in 1914. The co-founder of the museum, Stephen Pell, traveled to France where he served as an ambulance driver in major campaigns in 1917 and 1918, and was wounded in action. His family, including his wife and museum co-founder Sarah Pell and his two children, supported the home front, hoping to live up to the sacrifices of Ticonderoga’s 18th century defenders.

This special exhibit explores the lives of the Pell family and Ticonderoga from 1914-1919, as well as the important links between the Seven Years War and World War I, featuring paintings, photographs, weapons, uniforms, and other artifacts, many newly restored or uncovered and on display for the first time.