Family Programs at Fort Ticonderoga

Family Fun

During the months of July and August, Fort Ticonderoga provides a number of activities for families. These activities vary from day to day throughout the summer in both the Fort and the King’s Garden.

Family Programs in the Fort

July 5th-August 25th, 10:00am-12:15pm and 1:15pm-4:30pm
Learn about Canadian dress worn by Canadian milice and French soldiers at Fort Carillon in 1755! Make your own tuque, the signature red cap worn during the French & Indian War. Just like the Native Americans and Canadians, kids can build and wear their own sash to match their tuque. Create your own slit pouch, worn on the sash, and used to carry bullets or other personal possessions. You can wear and keep these items after making them!


Family Programs in the King's Garden

July 1st-August 29th, 1:30pm-3:30pm
Hands-on Horticulture programs explore plants and nature surrounded by the beauty of the King's Garden!  Make a lavender sachet, sow seeds, divide perennials, and more.  Details here.

Family Activity Guides

Download this Family Activity Guide for the special exhibition "The Art of War: Ticonderoga as Experienced through the Eyes of America's Great Artists" before your visit.

Download this Scavenger Hunt for the King's Garden. 

Download this Family Scavenger Hunt for the Fort.


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