Reenactment & Living History Events

Highlighting the Story of 1776 and Beyond!

No Quarter May 10 & 11 Re-enactment of, "America's First Victory," the 1775 capture of Fort Ticonderoga.

Memorial Day May 26 Remembering the Soldiers of the Revolutionary War.

Scots Day June 14 Celebrate Scottish Culture and Military Heritage at Fort Ticonderoga!

Nothing but Flour Wet with Lake Water June 21 & 22 American Soldiers Retreat to Ticonderoga by Bateaux.

Independence Day Weekend July 4-6 1776 at Fort Ticonderoga!

Battle of Carillon Anniversary July 8 Remember the 1758 Battle!

Defiance & Independence July 19 & 20 Re-enactment of General Burgoyne's capture of Fort Ticonderoga in 1777!

Fife & Drum Corps Muster July 26 Celebrate the sound and excitement of martial music!

Lodging as the Nature of the Campaign will Admit September 13 & 14 Building Soldiers' Huts in 1776!

Noble Train Begins December 6 Ticonderoga's Guns for the Siege of Boston!

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Montcalm's Cross July 18 & 19 Re-enactment of the Climactic 1758 Battle of Carillon!

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