Plan Your Media Visit

  • Visit Fort Ticonderoga on the internet to plan your visit. Contact Nancy LaVallie in the Fort Ticonderoga Administrative Office at 518-585-2821 to schedule your visit or email Visits should be arranged at least two weeks in advance
  • To get the full experience, you should plan to stay at least 3-4 hours for your visit.
  • Upon arrival, show your credentials to the Admission staff and proceed to the Log House Welcome Center Guest Services Desk to receive your Press Pass and media packet. visit. Notify Guest Services Staff that you are expected. They will contact the appropriate staff to meet you.
  • Fort Ticonderoga includes 2000 acres of landscape including the Carillon Battlefield, Fort area, King's Garden and outlying gardens, Lake Champlain Shoreline and the Heroic Corn Maze areas. Outlying areas include Mount Defiance.
  • Experience Fort Ticonderoga's interpretive programs scheduled throughout the year. Don't miss our special events which are listed here
  • Visit our newest exhibit “It would make a heart of stone melt” Sickness, Injury, and Medicine at Fort TiconderogaFort Ticonderoga's newest exhibit opened May 17, 2013, and explores early medical theory, practice, and experience as each relates to the armies that served at Fort Ticonderoga in the 18thcentury. 
  • Explore the exquisite King's Garden to see Fort Ticonderoga's beautiful preservation story in living and vibrant color. Enjoy additional gardens located outside the walls.
  • We are happy to assist your visit to Fort Ticonderoga and to the Ticonderoga area. Please let us know how we can help!