Hands-On Activities

Are you visiting with your family? We have a variety of hands-on activities that are engaging and offer memorable ways for your family discover Fort Ticonderoga's epic story! Take a special children's tour, roll up your sleeves in our horticulture history and programs, and take part in one of our historic trades activities. See our suggested family itinerary for families to discover the adventures that await you at Fort Ticonderoga!

In the Fort

From polishing buttons to making shoes, there are plenty of activities in the fort for you to discover for yourself what it meant to be a soldier here at Carillon in 1756! Help the mess cook prepare food for his fellow soldiers or make sawdust fly as you help our sawyers make boards from raw timber. Come work along these French soldiers to experience what life was actually like in 1756. Receive rewards for helping soldiers when you participate in our Family Program!

In the Exhibits

Hands-on activities in the Museum offer opportunities to go beyond the exhibit case. Founding Fabrics in the Founding Fashion allows you to handle reproductions of the fabric used by the military here at Ticonderoga, along with a full suit of clothes to touch and feel. Within the South Barracks there are a number of hands-on stations. Try tying the knots used by the sailors of Benedict Arnold's fleet in 1776 and assemble a scale model of the fort. New in 2015 are examples of the variety of materials used by the French army in 1756 and a chance to build a full scale "stone" wall just like the French masons that built Ticonderoga's barracks did.

In the Garden

Join us in the King's Garden for our numerous activities geared towards all ages. Help one of our Horticulture Technicians tend to our heritage plants in our greenhouse; work alongside a French gardener in our 1756 soldier's garden as he tends to vital vegetables and harvests food for his comrades; take part in one of our Hands-On Horticulture programs to explore techniques that will help you beautify your gardens at home. Whatever activity you choose, you are guaranteed to have fun while getting your hands dirty in one of the oldest cultivated lands in the country!