Fife & Drum

The Sound of 1757!
Storytelling Through Military Music

Founded in 1926, the Fifes and Drums of Fort Ticonderoga represent military musicians who served at the fort historically. In this year’s focus on 1757, they are portraying fifers and drummers from the Languedoc Regiment of the French Army. Each day in July and August, the Fife and Drum Corps play songs containing important information, known as “duty tunes.” From reveille in the morning to tattoo at night, or sounding of the alarm and calling to arms, the Fifes and Drums regulate days at the fort today. The Fife and Drum Corps lead our recreated soldiers and visitors alike to demonstrations and tours with period marches. The Corps celebrates its long history and that of the reconstructed fort and King’s Garden in concerts featuring a vast repertoire of favorite songs collected over the decades. From stirring to somber, enjoy the martial sounds of this band of excellent young musicians.