Special Events & Reenactments

Explore Fort Ticonderoga's epic story at one of our many special events including reenactments, living history weekends, and festivals! Thrill at the power of artillery, celebrate Scottish Culture, or witness the 1777 capture of Ticonderoga.  Fort Ticonderoga offers diverse and immersive special event experiences that are unique, powerful, and unforgettable for the whole family throughout the year. 

"Now Left to their Own Defense," German and British Soldiers Leave Ticonderoga
November 12, 2016

Join the German soldiers, who formed the core of the Ticonderoga Garrison, and prepare to evacuate the "Gibraltar of the North." For more information.

1757 Battle on Snowshoes Re-enactment
January 21, 2017

Experience their clash in the woods and hear the roar of musket fire as the Rangers are pushed back from tree to tree For more information.

1775 British Garrison Living History Event
February 18, 2017

See Fort Ticonderoga on the eve of the American Revolution as British soldiers and their families live in this peacetime fort on the frontier. For more information

Four Divisions formed at Fort Carillon- Rigaud's Attack of Fort William Henry
March 25, 2017

See French Regulars, Natives, and Canadians assemble at the fort, preparing to march across frozen Lake George to meet the enemy. For more information