Family Program

Fort Ticonderoga launches exciting new opportunities for families visiting the site in July and August. The new Family Guided Tour at 10:40 am and 1:40 pm will lead families through the fort grounds and provide an overview for all of the exciting things to do during a visit. In addition to the tour, Fort Ticonderoga’s ongoing Family Program gives families a chance to work together to complete tasks as they explore Fort Ticonderoga, and receive rewards for helping the soldiers with their daily duties. The interactions will inspire creativity and make history come alive!

Utilizing Fort Ticonderoga’s historic trades and engaging exhibitions, the new Family Program gives children a hands-on, immersive opportunity to learn about daily life for soldiers in 1777 and the science of artillery. They will begin their adventure in the “Officer of the Day Room” where they can make a soldiers’ cap. Children and adults alike will be able handle reproduction clothing, period textiles, and leathers. Participants can learn how soldiers cleaned and maintained their 18th-century weapons, make their own musket cartridge, try out the simple machines used to move and fire massive cannons and so much more! 

This program offers children a unique opportunity to work closely with our talented historic trades staff. Spending time with our artificers, working side by side with them, and learning how to work with the materials is an experience that will have a lasting impact on participating individuals. Families will have the opportunity to join together to see what it was like to be a soldier in New France, and take home tangible memories of the experience.

The Family Program and Family Guided Tours are just two ways for families to make the most out of a visit to Fort Ticonderoga. Take a family hike on the Carillon Battlefield Trail, rent canoes and make use of our Waterways Trail Guide, or pick up a Fort Ticonderoga Suggested Family Itinerary at Guest Services and decide together where you would like to begin and end your journey inside or outside the walls of Fort Ticonderoga! The possiblities are endless and your adventure awaits!