1775 British Garrison Living History Event 2017

Fort Ticonderoga hosted a one-day living history event Saturday, February 18th, highlighting British garrison life in February 1775, three months before Ticonderoga was pulled into the American War of Independence. Guests were part of the action as living history demonstrations featured the weapons, tactics, trades, and people during peacetime at the fort.  From blanket coats, to fur caps and mittens, visitors dicovered the special clothing and equipment needed for service in Canada and along Lake Champlain. 

Highlighted programming throughout the day brought to life the routine of soldiers in the 26th Foot and their wives and families who made their homes inside the walls of the fort. Weapons demonstrations allowed guests to go beyond loading and firing to discuss what military traditions remained and what tactical innovations were standard on the eve of the Revolutionary War. Tours through the reconstructed Fort Ticonderoga of today showed what made this much vaunted fortification so vulnerable to be captured by the Green Mountain Boys in the spring of 1775.