Celebrate Independence at Fort Ticonderoga! Special Living History Event: July 2-4


Morning orders (Indep. Press Release)

(Ticonderoga, NY) Join Fort Ticonderoga July 2-4 for a three-day celebration this Independence Day weekend.  Come celebrate freedom by exploring the year 1777 when America was consumed in the labor of liberty. Participate in the fight for freedom when the Northern Department of the Continental Army fought to keep the great fortress of Ticonderoga from falling into British control. Thrill at the power of artillery during cannon demonstrations and march to the beat of the Fife and Drum Corps as they perform patriotic music throughout the weekend. Admission to this special holiday living history event, July 2-4, is included in a Fort Ticonderoga general admission ticket.  For the full event schedule and to learn more about the event visit http://www.fortticonderoga.org/events/fort-events/independence-day-weekend-1/detail  or call 518-585-2821.

“Step into a hive of military activity as you meet the soldiers working feverishly to fortify the great camp Ticonderoga and build outer military defenses,” said Beth Hill, Fort Ticonderoga President and CEO. “Walk along teamsters and oxen as they help in the work. Visit a trades shop to discover how tradesmen known as artificers worked to resupply soldiers with clothing, shoes, and equipment. Observe rations cooked, lumber cut, and the army in motion prepared to hold their ground for freedom. View Fort Ticonderoga from all perspectives on the eve of the siege – from the peninsula, to the waters of Lake Champlain upon the Vessel Carillon, and atop Mount Defiance for a birds-eye view of history.”

Other activities during this special Independence Day weekend will include daily soldier’s life programs, special tours, the King’s Garden, musket firing demonstration, Mount Defiance tours, and museum exhibitions.

About Ticonderoga on Independence Day 1777:

1776 is famous for the signing of the Declaration, but what was happening at Ticonderoga in July of 1777? The scene was uncertainty, trepidation, and the expectation of a British attack.  By July 2nd, the siege of Ticonderoga was underway. British and Brunswick soldiers began to surround the great camp and build lines of attack, commencing the bombardment.  On July 5, British General Burgoyne captured Fort Ticonderoga forcing the American retreat.

Photo: Celebrate Independence at Fort Ticonderoga – America’s Fort™! Credit Fort Ticonderoga.

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