Fort Fever Series Explores the Construction of Redoubts at Ticonderoga in 1776-77

building redoubtsFort Ticonderoga’s final “Fort Fever Series” for 2016 takes place on Sunday, April 10, at 2:00 p.m. with “Building 18th-Century Redoubts” presented by Assistant Military Programs Supervisor Nicholas Spadone. The cost is $10 per person and will be collected at the door. The program is free for Members of Fort Ticonderoga.

From theory to practice, examine the construction of redoubts along the Ticonderoga peninsula. Dive into the science and geometry used in the layout process closely followed by American officers. Explore the literature that influenced young officers to make such fortifications in a brand new American Army. “Building 18th-Century Redoubts” will begin with a presentation in the Mars Education Center and conclude with a walking tour of Fort Ticonderoga’s redoubts, the largest surviving network of Revolutionary War earthworks in North America.

“The miles of entrenchments built along the Ticonderoga peninsula were the sole defense for the American Army in 1776 and 1777,” said Assistant Military Programs Supervisor, Nicholas Spadone.  “Many of the redoubts that defended the nation still stand today and serve as monuments for future generations to remember those who built them.”

Spadone, a graduate of Montclair State University, has several years of experience in historical interpretation and research into 18th-century military history.  He joined the Fort Ticonderoga museum staff in 2014 and has since developed major initiatives in military programs, heritage breeds, and carpentry.

The “Fort Fever Series” is just one of several programs that take place at Fort Ticonderoga during the winter and early spring. Fort Ticonderoga also hosts monthly winter workshops, the Annual Garden & Landscape Symposium, North Country History Day, living history events, learning opportunities for students, and more. You can learn about all of Fort Ticonderoga’s programs by visiting Some programs require advance registration.


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