Fort Ticonderoga Opens Today, May 20, 2011 for 102nd Season!

Fort Ticonderoga opens for the 102nd season today, May 20 and will offer new programs, events, exhibits, gardens and a six-acre corn maze designed in the shape of the Fort! Visitors will immerse themselves in nearly 2000 acres of exquisite landscape at Fort Ticonderoga and experience the story of how the blood spilled to create an empire in the French and Indian War resulted in the struggle for liberty and America’s independence a generation later.

Starting today, daily interpretive programs will bring to life 1759 each day at Fort Ticonderoga this season where visitors can learn to ply an 18th century trade and thrill at the pageantry of arms as historic interpreters re-create Massachusetts Provincial soldiers serving in Colonel Abijah Williard’s Regiment.

This weekend Fort Ticonderoga will host the Sixteenth Annual War College of the Seven Years’ War. This full-weekend seminar offers presentations on the most recent scholarship on the period. Reservations are required, but a few openings remain! Call 518-585-2821 for more details!

New Exhibit this year!
Fort Ticonderoga’s newest exhibit, The Art of War: Ticonderoga as Experienced through the eyes of America’s Great Artists brings together for the first time in one highlighted exhibition fifty of the museum’s most important artworks. Don’t miss this stunning and significant art exhibit!

The King’s Garden at Fort Ticonderoga opens on June 1st and promises to be beautiful! This weekend the pre-season plant sale will take place on Saturday, May 21, 10 am -2pm.

Fort Ticonderoga looks forward to a very successful season! Our staff is passionately committed to our mission to ensure that present and future generations learn from the struggles, sacrifices and victories that shaped the nations of North America and changed world history! We look forward to you joining us at America’s Fort!

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