Fort Ticonderoga Unveils Two New Exhibitions on July 1

Fort Ticonderoga unveils its two newest exhibitions on July 1, 2015. Object Lessons: Perspectives on Material Culture and Diorama-rama: History in Miniature incorporate new interactive components, fun for the whole family. The exhibits are included in a Fort Ticonderoga general admission ticket and are located in the South Barrack’s exhibition space at Fort Ticonderoga. To learn more about these exhibits and related programs visit or call 518-585-2821.

large_Object-Lessions Object Lessons: Perspectives on Material Culture offers a unique way to experience historical objects. Using objects from across Fort Ticonderoga’s museum collections, the exhibit will explore the multifaceted perspectives objects hold. This exhibit will show how every object has many stories to tell, and will provide a new understanding of an object’s value as a work of art, political tool, weapon, or all of the above. Have you thought of a canteen as a story of industrialization, rather than just a vessel for water; or a musket as a piece of art, rather than a weapon? Object Lessons will explore specific objects from a multitude of unique and informative angles.

large_DiroramaramaDiorama-Rama: History in Miniature: In the middle of the 20th-century dioramas were state-of-the-art means of reconstructing the past. Living history historical interpretation was still young, film was expensive, and computer animation was a fantasy. Vivid three dimensional models could reconstruct past events, buildings, people, and things like no other media. Fort Ticonderoga invested heavily in such dioramas which have remained popular parts of the visitors experience for nearly half a century. The interpretation of the events depicted has changed, in some cases dramatically in the past 50 years, leaving the dioramas captivating but not accurate portrayals of the current state of knowledge. Diorama-Rama brings together most of the museum’s collection of 20th-century dioramas depicting different periods in Fort Ticonderoga’s history and different perspectives on historical events, giving a sense of how our understanding and interpretation of history has changed.

“When the existing exhibits were installed nearly a half-century ago, they were intended to offer new perspectives on Fort Ticonderoga’s epic story,” said Matthew Keagle, Fort Ticonderoga’s Curator of Collections. “The implementation of these two new exhibits will allow those objects from previous exhibits to receive needed rest and enable a new generation of objects to offer fresh perspectives on the history discovered in the past 50 years, while showing the breadth of Fort Ticonderoga’s remarkable collections.”

Fort Ticonderoga holds one of North America’s premier collections of 18th-century military material culture. The exhibits contain thousands of objects and tell thousands of stories, narrating the history of Fort Ticonderoga from the military culture of the 18th century to the reconstruction of the fort in the 20th century. Fully restored in 1931, the South Barracks has been the museum’s primary exhibition space. The building encompasses three stories and nearly 10,000 square feet of gallery space.

Funding for the Object Lessons and Diorama-rama exhibits were made possible in part by the generous support from Amtrak, Arthur J. Gallagher, Best Western Plus Ticonderoga, Bridgeport Communications, D&E Technologies, GE Foundation, Glens Falls National Bank, International Paper Foundation, International Paper Ticonderoga Mill, McDonald’s, Pepsi, Ticonderoga Federal Credit Union, Eugene and Susan Zeltmann, and individual donors.

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