Fort Ticonderoga’s Living History Event on November 12th Highlights British Withdrawal in 1777: Explore the Complex Story from the British, German, Loyalist, and Native Perspectives


Join the German soldiers, who formed the core of the British garrison at Ticonderoga in late 1777, as they prepare to evacuate Ticonderoga, the “Gibraltar of the North” during an exciting living history event Saturday, November 12th from 10am – 4pm.

Be part of the action as Fort Ticonderoga portrays the British soldiers, loyalists, refugee families, and native allies at Ticonderoga in November 1777 who were cut off from the rest of the British line, short of food and supplies, and facing the inevitable decision to withdraw back to Canada following the surrender of British forces at Saratoga.

Programs and demonstrations highlight the weapons, tactics, and trades of the British garrison in the late fall of 1777. Tours will explore the decision to evacuate the soldiers back to Canada and the choice to destroy Ticonderoga in their wake to leave nov-12nothing useful for Continental forces.

A musket demonstration at 11am will provide military perspective from the loyalist forces. These soldiers, recruited from loyalist refugees, were the eyes and ears of British army along Lake Champlain. Whether New England fowlers, native trade guns, or old French Muskets, see the arms of the loyalists and discuss fighting for King and country without a home.

Another musket demonstration at 12:30pm will interpret the German Brunswick soldiers. German soldiers made up nearly half of the British Army in 1777.  Far from stiff and rigid, see how Brunswick soldiers used their muskets in defense and attack.  Thrill at the flash of weaponry and learn how European methods of fighting were adapted to the landscape of North America.

The event will also feature lectures on the myths of the “Hessians” in the American Revolution and explore the story of the soldiers from the Duchy of Brunswick who served at Ticonderoga.

Admission to the event is $10 for the general public and free to Fort Ticonderoga Members, Ambassador Pass Holders, and children age four and under. For the full event schedule, visit or call (518) 585-2821.

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Photo: The “Now Left to their own Defense.” German and British Soldiers Leave Ticonderoga-Living History Event takes place on Saturday, November 12, 2016. Photo Credit: Fort Ticonderoga.

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