Scout Overnight Program Offered at Fort Ticonderoga

Scout OvernightFort Ticonderoga is pleased to announce the return of the immersive Scout overnight program during the spring and fall of 2016. Scouts can book their adventure for Saturday nights May 14 through June 11 and September 10 through October 22. This offer is available for Boy Scout troops and Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors.

“Imagine your troop being able to garrison Fort Ticonderoga overnight!” said Fort Ticonderoga’s Director of Education Rich Strum. “Give your Scouts an experience they’ll never forget—a rare chance to spend the night at Fort Ticonderoga.”

Scouts arrive in mid-afternoon and are immediately thrust into the life of a soldier at Ticonderoga in 1775. They’ll participate in the “Planting the Tree of Liberty” program and then have the opportunity to explore Fort Ticonderoga and embark on adventures specifically suited to their interests.

“Scouts will establish their overnight camp, gather firewood, and learn how to start a fire with flint and steel,” said Stuart Lilie, Senior Director of Interpretation. “They will assist with the preparation of the evening meal while learning about 18th-century cooking. After cleanup, Fort Ticonderoga museum staff will lead Scouts on an evening hike over the historic landscape before they settle in for the night. In the morning, Scouts again help with starting the fire and fixing breakfast just as soldiers did at the 18th-century fort. Once the site opens for visitors, Scouts can explore the fort, museum, and King’s Garden on their own before concluding their adventure.”

In addition, Scouts will have the opportunity to rent a canoe to discover the historic La Chute waterway, hike the Carillon Battlefield Trail, and witness a birds-eye view of Fort Ticonderoga from Mount Defiance. New to this adventure is a chance to explore Lake Champlain aboard Fort Ticonderoga’s Carillon boat, a 60ft vessel offering 90-minute guided tours. Boat charters are also available. Scouts visiting in the fall will also have the opportunity to explore the six-acre corn maze in a new 2016 fort design created especially for Fort Ticonderoga.

Scout OvernightParticipants have the option of setting up their own tents on the historic grounds or, if numbering 16 or fewer Scouts and adults, spending the night in the Soldiers’ Barracks.

A cost of $700 for 16 or fewer Scouts and adults or $1000 for up to 30 Scouts and adults includes admission and special program fees as well as the evening and morning meals prepared over a camp fire. Additional fees may apply.

For additional information about this and other programs available for Scout groups during the 2016 season, click here. To make a reservation, contact Lauren MacLeod, Group Tour Coordinator, at 518-585-2821 or at

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