Summer Fun in the King’s Garden!

Explore a variety of programs and family-friendly activities in the King's Garden

With summer at its peak, there’s never been a better time to take a break from your daily routine and head to the King’s Garden at Fort Ticonderoga – it’s a chance to get some walking in, stretch your legs, and enjoy views that will simply take your breath away!

The garden right now is awash in color, from the bold and abundant Tiger Lilies, to the soft and delicate Snow Caps.

You’ll find an interpreter portraying a French soldier of the Languedoc Regiment tending to the 18th-century Garrison Garden, beside an early 20th-century interpreter harvesting heirloom vegetables from a plot representative of the type grown during Fort Ticonderoga’s reconstruction. Whatever your horticultural interest, you’ll want to visit simply if it is just to enjoy fresh farm to table cuisine at America’s Fort Café!

Centuries of horticulture await you at the King’s Garden. Here are just a few great hands-on garden programs available for all. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and dig in!

Earl working in gardenHands-on Horticulture: through August 31
Discover the techniques used to keep our garden thriving! Guests of all ages are invited to practice alongside garden staff as they demonstrate seeding, plant division, and care methods for blooming plants. (Ongoing 1:30 – 3:30)

Sowing & Growing Favorite Perennials: Weekdays through August 31
Work alongside our garden staff as they propagate perennials from seed. From soil preparation, seeding, thinning, transplanting and care, witness the transformation from seed to plant. Whatever the day’s task, visitors are encouraged to join in and try it out!

Iris Division Days:  Weekdays through August 28
Discover the history of the bearded iris, learn practical growing tips, and try your hand at dividing the rhizomes of this popular perennial. Take your divided root home and grow a piece of history! Our annual iris sale runs concurrently with the program, including weekends.

FT1_9888 - CopySoldiers’ Gardening
Help tend the gardens alongside French soldiers as they grow rows of vital greens and vegetables to supplement their issued rations of bread, pork, and dried peas.

Gardening: Then and Now
Sow and hoe with one of the Pell family’s personal gardeners, and detect how gardening supported the family throughout the era of Reconstruction.

Horticulture: For Today and Tomorrow
Explore the brick pathways that lead you through our beautiful Colonial Revival Garden. Dig up the importance of horticulture at Ticonderoga during the years of Reconstruction, and talk with today’s gardeners to discover its uses for us today.

Corn maze aerialAfter a relaxing morning of seeding, plant division, and transplanting, you can venture into Fort Ticonderoga’s Heroic Maze: A Corn Maze Adventure! This year, the six-acre corn maze features a design in the shape of Fort Ticonderoga in 1756. Hidden in the maze are 8 stations each representing a component of an 18th-century fort.  Players are given a Quest Card to collect a stamp from each station.  It takes perseverance and skill to find all of the objects.  Getting lost is part of the fun! The Heroic Maze is open for exploration daily through August 31 and weekends through October 18. You can also enjoy it on Labor Day and Columbus Day!


DCIM100GOPROOn your way out, don’t forget to say hello to our newest additions to Fort Ticonderoga’s landscape – heritage breed La Fleche Chickens and Red Devon Cattle! Fort Ticonderoga’s history truly comes to life with the presence of livestock. Whether for sustenance or for work, animals were essential to the survival of any army at Ticonderoga. Cattle provided meat and milk but also hauled timber, cannon and supplies. Chickens and hogs were raised to feed officer and enlisted soldier alike.  Fort Ticonderoga has launched a heritage breeds program to bring period cattle and chickens to the garrison grounds for its 2015 portrayal of 1756.

You can easily spend an entire day of fun at Fort Ticonderoga. The King’s Garden is just one entity to the abundance of opportunities available on a daily basis. Whether you want to brush up on your history during a conversation with one of the museum interpreters representing a French soldier of the Languedoc Regiment, or catch a cool breeze on Lake Champlain on a Carillon Boat Cruise or a rented canoe – we’ve got you covered! Don’t let summer pass you by without a visit to Fort Ticonderoga!

Stay tuned for Fall fun at Fort Ticonderoga! The Heritage Harvest & Horse Festival is just one of the many events to enjoy during leaf-peeper season!


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