Experience “Winter Family Fun Day: An 18th-Century Experience ” at Fort Ticonderoga!

Winter Family Fun DayJoin Fort Ticonderoga for its first “Winter Family Fun Day: An 18th-Century Experience” on Saturday, February 13 and enjoy a day of winter play with an 18th-century twist. Grab your gear to experience sledding, snowshoeing, and skating on the garrison grounds of Fort Ticonderoga. Tours and presentations will give visitors a chance to learn about the rich history of Ticonderoga in the winter. Warm up with a delicious cup of hot chocolate made from 18th-century ingredients and discover the tasty history of chocolate at Fort Ticonderoga in the 18th century. This unique family-fun event takes place from 10 am – 4 pm and costs $10 per person; Members of Fort Ticonderoga are free. For more information call 518-585-2821 or click here.

“Sledding, snowshoeing, and ice skating are fun recreational sports today, but were vital military activities in the winter campaigns in the French and Indian War and Revolutionary War,” said Stuart Lilie, Fort Ticonderoga’s Senior Director of Interpretation. “This event is your chance to witness the epic scouts of Rogers’ Rangers trekking on several feet of snow with homemade snowshoes or skating miles along frozen Lake Champlain and Lake George. See how today’s toboggans descend from tools which carried the packs of native warriors, Canadians, and soldiers alike.”

Click here to view the Event Schedule!

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