"The Noble Train Begins" Reenactment

Discover the epic story of Henry Knox's "Noble Train" of artillery at Fort Ticonderoga's upcoming reenactment. The event will feature an exciting program highlighting Henry Knox's arrival to Fort Ticonderoga and recreate the beginning of the incredible feat that ultimately forced the British evacuation from Boston on March 17, 1776.
Witness the raw power of oxen and horses as these thousand pound animals pull sleds of cannon tubes while soldiers prepare the artillery for the long march to Boston. Tours highlighting Ticonderoga's defining role in the "Noble Train" will be presented throughout the day.

Fort Ticonderoga Overview

Fort Ticonderoga has an epic story to tell! See highlights from 2014 of our programs, beauty, and future vision narrated by the Fort Ticonderoga leadership team.

Fort Ticonderoga Canoe Rentals and Carillon Battlefield Hiking Trail

Rent a canoe for a day or half-day and gain a water-level perspective on Fort Ticonderoga and the surrounding landscape while enjoying the natural beauty and wildlife of the area. Explore the shoreline and the mouth of the La Chute River nearby. A brochure highlights both historical and natural features as you paddle on this beautiful body of water.

The Carillon Battlefield Trail offers a 1.7 mile loop through one of the most important battlefields in North America. pick up a trail guide at the Log House and explore where empires clashed to decide the destiny of a continent. The trail begins and ends outside the Log House Welcome Center picnic area. Be sure to pick up a hiking trail guide and Archaeology Quest Scavenger Game card at the Guest Service Desk. Can you find all the clues along the trail?

Buttonhole Construction

In an updated version of the popular buttonhole instruction video, Fort Ticonderoga shows more refined techniques for sewing 18th century buttonholes into recreated clothing.

A Day Longer in the Field: Provincial Soldiers Guard and Rebuild Fort Ticonderoga

Living Our History at Fort Ticonderoga

Watch a day in the life of a historic interpreter at Fort Ticonderoga. In this short documentary, you'll meet Cameron Green, a Military Interpreter at Fort Ticonderoga.

Riot! Yankees versus Buckskins

Meet the Pennsylvania and Massachusetts soldiers left behind to guard Ticonderoga in the early winter of 1777. Discover the cultural divide between these two regions and ensuing incidents. 

Fort Ticonderoga Overview 2015

Discover Fort Ticonderoga's story and explore our 2000 acres of beautiful landscape on Lake Champlain. With just one visit, you'll change the way you see history!


Montcalm's Cross: 1758 Battle of Carillon

Join us July 18th and 19th, 2015 to discover how 257 years ago, the Battle of Carillon sealed the reputation of Ticonderoga for generations to come. Stand with the loyal and courageous French soldiers that defended the French lines against all odds, and meet the British and Provincial soldiers who gave their all to drive the French from the rocky peninsula and fortress of Ticonderoga.
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