2016 Teacher Institute Lessons


These lesson plans were created by teachers and educators who participated in our 2016 Fort Ticonderoga Teacher Institute: British Perspective on the American Revolution. The are available for educational and classroom use.

Baroness Riedesel’s Account of the Saratoga Campaign

Carol Grossi

Grade Level: 4-6th

Students learn about the experiences and hardships of life on campaign with the army through reading the memoirs of Baroness Riedesel, and letters from her husband. Students demonstrate understanding by composing journals as if they were at the Battle of Saratoga, or by creating artifact boxes.


Social Studies Lab: Women in the American Revolution

George Grobusch

Grade Level: Middle School

Students form a hypothesis about the roles of women during the American revolution, and then use primary sources including excerpts from the memoir of Baroness Reidesel , to evaluate their hypothesis and draw conclusions.


Historical Thinking, Loyalist Primary Sources

Beck Stephens

Grade Level: Middle School

Students explore letters from Philip Skene, a Loyalist involved with Burgoyne’s 1777 campaign, doing close reading, and contextualization. Students then write a letter about another historical event from the perspective of Philip Skene.


Social Studies Lab: The Battle of Saratoga

Wendy Bergeron

Grade Level: High School

Students form a hypothesis about the Battle of Saratoga, and who is to blame for the British loss. Students then explore documents, maps, and diagrams to evaluate their hypothesis, and draw conclusions.