2015 Teachers Institute Lessons

These Lesson Plans were created by teachers and educators who participated in our 2015 Teachers Institute: The French and Indian War.  They are available for educational and classroom use. 


Setting the Scene- The French and Indian War

Charleen Vasilevsky- Somers Middle School

Grade Level: 7-8

Students travel to three stations in the classroom to read documents, analyze maps, study political cartoons, and learn about the causes and reasons behind the French and Indian War. Students learn about important figures during the war, and are asked to respond to critical thinking questions. 


Conduct Unbecoming an American

Trish Everett- Pinecrest School, Florida

Grade Level: 11-12

This lesson provides primary sources on codes of civility and behavior for armies and civilians in the 18th Century. Students are asked to analyze,  compare, and contrast these codes of conduct, and present a creative project on their findings. Students are offered several different creative project options. 


French And Indian War Literary Genre Comparison

Denise Wright- Rennselaer High School, New York

Grade Level: 9-12

This lesson includes several different genres describing memorable events of the French and Indian War. Students are asked to compare and contrast the different genres and how they depict the events and emotions prensent during the French and Indian War.