Eighth Annual Garden & Landscape Symposium

Saturday, April 6, 2019

The King’s Garden at Fort Ticonderoga presents the Eighth Annual Garden & Landscape Symposium, Saturday, April 6, 2019, in the Mars Education Center. We invite you to join us, whether you are an experienced gardener or just getting started, for helpful insight from garden experts who live and garden in northern climates. 

This one-day program focuses on practical, easy-to-implement strategies for expanding and improving your garden or landscape. The programs are offered in an informal setting that encourages interaction between speakers and attendees.


The Lost Apples of New EnglandNew England has a vibrant history with apples that dates back to the English settlers in the 18th century. David will briefly describe the history of the apple from its beginning and then discuss the path of apples and cider from the English settlers to the current apple and cider renaissance. David Dolginow is the co-founder of Shacksbury Cider in Vergennes, Vermont. They are well known for their rosé cider, as well as their series of ciders made from lost apples. His path to cider began with his previous job at Sunrise Orchards in Cornwall Vt.

Pests and Problems in 2018, and What to Watch for in 2019—Learn about the main disease and insect problems during the 2018 gardening season and what to look forward to in 2019. Ann Hazelrigg is a Plant Pathologist with UVM Extension and has been at the University for 35 years. She is the Director of the Plant Diagnostic Clinic, oversees the Master Gardener Program, and does applied research on plant diseases.

Plant Combinations for a Long Season of Bloom—You can enjoy colorful and fragrant flowers even in January, long before the vernal equinox, and have blooms celebrate all of the other seasons: spring, summer, and fall! This is not a fanciful ideal and you don’t need a heated greenhouse or conservatory. Landscape Horticulturist Warren Leach will introduce plants and planting combinations to extend your garden enjoyment.

Gardens that Dazzle from Late Summer and Onward! Plants that Endure Scorching Heat, Humidity & Drought—Explore planting designs in gardens that continue to dzaale from late summer, fall, and onward. By August the heat and humidity may take its toll on the gardener. A garden designed with a plant palette to withstand the dog-days and drought of summer also offers a stunning exuberance of flowers, maturing seedheads, and colorful foliage. Presented by Landscape Horticulturist Warren Leach.

Apples of the King’s Garden—Learn about the latest research on the Pell Orchards of Fort Ticonderoga. Discover the art and science of grafting and try your hand at grafting your own apple tree from heirloom shoots in the King’s Garden. Stuart Lilie is the Vice President of Public History & Operations at Fort Ticonderoga.


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