Event Participation: Battle Reenactment: 1759 Siege of Carillon

July 23-24, 2022

In this exciting two-day battle reenactment, visitors will discover the last days for Fort Carillon (Ticonderoga), as 400 French soldiers faced an 11,0000-man British Army! With different scenarios living history vignettes each day, visitors can explore the science of siegecraft, the power of artillery — on land & water — as General Jeffrey Amherst sought to take Ticonderoga and invade French Canada.

A special nighttime tour of the 1759 siege features exciting cannon and mortar demonstrations!

Participant Guidelines:

  • French Army Regulars
  • French Colonial Regulars
  • French Canadian Milice
  • British Regulars Coming Soon!
  • British Highland Regulars  Coming Soon!
  • Gage’s Lightly Armed Foot Coming Soon!
  • Massachusetts Provincials Coming Soon!
  • Connecticut Provincials Coming Soon!
  • New Jersey Provincials Coming Soon!
  • Rhode Island Provincials Coming Soon!
  • Rangers Coming Soon!
  • British Allied Native Americans Coming Soon!