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Ninth Annual Garden & Landscape Symposium

Fort Ticonderoga gardens

This daylong symposium focuses on practical, easy-to-implement strategies for expanding and improving your garden or landscape. Whether you are an experienced gardener, or just getting started, this symposium provides helpful insight from garden experts who live and garden in northern climates.


Tree Care Concepts: Ordinary to Extraordinary—Bill de Vos will present a number of the more interesting and unique projects he has worked on across the country over the years. His unique philosophy regarding trees, their care, and the many roles they play in keeping us comfortable, inspired, and humble will surely have you seeing them in a new light. Bill de Vos is a national award-winning arborist specializing in tree preservation. He has had the opportunity to work on dozens of notable and historic trees across 15 states during his 46 years in the industry. He is a Registered Consulting Arborist, Board Certified Master Arborist, and an eleven-time recipient of the National Excellence in Arboriculture Award.

Improving Your Garden Soil—Soil quality is key to success in growing plants. This presentation will explain different soil types and characteristics, ways to manage and improve your soil, and the principles of soil health for flower and vegetable gardens. Amy Ivy is a retired horticulturist with 31 years of experience with Cornell Cooperative Extension and an avid home gardener from Essex, New York.

Save the Bees with a Brew—Or, what you can do to promote both wild pollinators and honey bees in your landscape and the delicious beverage you can make with all of your honey. This session will cover both the basics of home meadmaking and the simple tricks for making your landscape bee-friendly. And there will be mead to sample! Ricky the Meadmaker (Ricky Klein) is not only a professional brewer of craft mead but also maintains three acres of wild pollinator land as part of his meadery’s goal to support pollinator health now and for the future.

Beyond the Beauty:  Gardens and Mission at Hildene, the Lincoln Family Home—With a commitment to conservation and sustainability integral to the mission, Values into Action, the grounds and gardens of Hildene are becoming true pollinator and songbird sanctuaries. Learn how Hildene, deeply rooted in history, is putting down new roots for future generations. Hildene Horticulturist Andrea Luchini returned home to Vermont after six years as Gardener and Crew Leader at The North Carolina Arboretum in Asheville. She has a Master of Science Degree in Plant and Soil Science from the University of Vermont and has been committed to conservation, stewardship, and sustainability-values at the core of Hildene’s mission, Values into Action since she joined the organization in 2012.

Water Wise Perennials and Gardening—Last year the Northeast experienced a summer more like a southern California summer. Water for gardening became scarce, and as we gardeners are used to letting Mother Nature work for us, many of our gardens suffered. As our summers grow hotter and drier, we may need to rethink what we plant. This presentation will give you water-wise ideas, practices, and perennial varieties to help you keep your garden gorgeous without extra watering in our increasingly unpredictable climate. Sarah Salatino is the owner and head grower of Full Circle Gardens in Essex, Vermont. They grow over 700 varieties of sustainably grown Northeast hardy perennials, including a full offering of pollinator, North American native, heirloom, and rock garden perennials.


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April 10, 2021


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