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Eleventh Annual Garden & Landscape Symposium

Fort Ticonderoga gardens

The King’s Garden at Fort Ticonderoga presents the Eleventh Annual Garden & Landscape Symposium on Saturday, April 1, 2023. This program features practical strategies for expanding and improving your garden and landscape. We invite you to join us, whether you are an experienced gardener or you are just getting started, for helpful insights from garden experts who live and garden in northern climates.

STREAMING THE GARDEN & LANDSCAPE SYMPOSIUM! Those who are unable to travel to Ticonderoga for the symposium can sign up to participate online through Fort Ticonderoga’s Center for Digital History using Zoom.

Confirmed session:
The Lenox Horticultural Society— In the late nineteenth century, the great country houses of Berkshire County, Massachusetts, cultivated horticultural expertise, from England, Scotland, and Scandinavia, training younger talent in their exalted gardening skills, today only found at botanical gardens. Explore the Lenox Horticultural Society, founded in 1893, an important local institution for the next 50 years, organizing sumptuous, hotly competitive, flower shows in the summer months, and in winter greenhouse meetings to discuss horticultural findings like pollinating peaches, or propagating rare orchids. A lifelong Berkshire resident, Cornelia Brooke Gilder was educated at Vassar College and Cambridge University. She grew up in Lenox and has lived in Tyringham for forty years.


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April 1, 2023





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