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Fitted With Great Exactness: The Life and Importance of Clothing to the British Soldier in the Are of the American Revolution

Putting a British soldier into his red coat and other clothes was not as simple as the issuance of clothing. Great efforts from many hands were required to ensure that the clothing was made, individually fit, maintained, and then remade all for the purpose of ensuring a proper “soldier like” appearance. Join Joseph Zea Fort Ticonderoga Artificer Tailor to explore the expense, functionality, and the longevity of soldiers’ clothes. Many recommendations and practices formed patterns within regiments that involved tailors, followers, and the soldiers themselves that focused solely on ensuring the best use of a soldier’s clothing was achieved.

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Sunday, April 5, 2020 @ 2:00pm3:30pm


$10/person. Free admission offered to Fort Ticonderoga Members & Ticonderoga Ambassador Pass Holders.


Deborah Clarke Mars Education Center

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