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Virtual Living History Event: 1777 Preparing for the Coming Campaign

cannon crew moving cannon

From the comfort of your home, this virtual event brings to life American soldiers at Ticonderoga in the year 1777 as they prepare for a British attack.

In the winter of 1777, as snow piled up, soldiers worked busily to build barracks, repair cannons, clothe, arm, and equip soldiers for another campaign season. Discover the incredible story of the last year of American-held Ticonderoga, set in the stark beauty of winter. Experience the flash of musketry, roar of cannons, and understand the intricate drill that allowed for their safe use then and now.

10:00 am: In the Laboratory via Fort Ticonderoga Facebook
In the Artillery Laboratory, artificers within Major Ebenezer Stevens’ battalion of artillery made more than just round shot for the many guns of Ticonderoga. See the assembly of some of the many specialized shots found on lists from the winter of 1776-77. 

3:00 pm: A Soldier’s Recipe for Survival via Fort Ticonderoga Facebook
Taken right from the memoirs of Captain John Lacey, see how Continental Army soldiers in 1776 and 1777 turned “rusty pork” and coarse, musty flour into a “rich and eatable cake.” See how you can make your own common soldiers’ cakes at home!

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January 15, 2022 @ 10:00 am4:00 pm





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