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Virtual Living History Event: Proceed to Canada with all Possible Expedition

close up of American soldiers firing muskets

Join Fort Ticonderoga on Facebook to see American reinforcements streaming north in March of 1776 to support their stumbling army in Canada. Discover how veterans from a year on campaign and new recruits assembled hastily at Ticonderoga to face an American military crisis. Explore the logistics of an army in winter, as supplies arrive by horse and oxen. Watch as soldiers prepare cannons to be hauled north to Canada.

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11:00 am — Artillery Artificers
Explore the behind-the-scenes work that was constantly employed to keep the artillery firing. Witness sheets of tinned-iron creased and soldered into useful ammunition for cannons engaged in the siege of Quebec.

1:00 pm — “Sleds Belonging to the Public” 
With Lake Champlain frozen, it was up to the power of oxen to move the Army’s supplies over the ice. Witness oxen dragging sleds laden with supplies for stores at Fort Ticonderoga. Watch those same sleds loaded with cannon on their way to Canada.

3:00 pm — Reefing Hooks, Caulking, and Mallets
With warmer temperatures, it was just a matter of time until the ice broke up on Lake Champlain. A fleet of bateaux had to be ready to move men and material down the lake to aid the stumbling Continental Army outside of Quebec. See the important work of caulkers sealing the seams on the flat bottom boats that kept the army afloat.

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Saturday, March 27, 2021 @ 11:00am3:00pm





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