Family Activities

There is so much to see and do across the 2000 acres of the beautiful and historic property at Fort Ticonderoga!

Carillon Battlefield Hiking Trail
Follow the blue trail markers to hike the 1 ¾ mile trail on the Carillon Battlefield. The dotted path on the map shows the trail and 12 points of interest to check out along the way!
Be sure to download this guide before arriving or pick up a copy at the Guest Service Desk inside the Log House Welcome Center.

King’s Garden
Awake your senses with fragrant flowers in bloom and see fresh vegetables growing in the soldiers’ garden. In the Kid’s Discovery Garden, little ones can have a shaded seat inside the Sunflower House. Find the Rainbow Garden and watch for butterflies and hummingbirds. Keep an eye out for their favorite pre-historic creatures in the Dinosaur Den!

“In His Majesty’s Service”
Be sure to pick up this hands-on family program guide with activities to do at each of our Historic Trade Shops. This booklet includes coloring pages, word puzzles, and an I-spy scavenger hunt that will keep children entertained while actively learning about the layers of history at Fort Ticonderoga.

Mick and Mack
Watch the Red Devon oxen, Mick and Mack, in action! Whether out in the pasture or hard at work, cattle were a common and necessary part of the military landscape. See how soldiers cared for their livestock who provided the heavy hauling power needed for massive armies in garrison and on the move.

Weapons Demonstrations
Watch as soldiers work together and execute the various maneuvers that were practiced extensively in the 18th century. Musket Firing: 11am, Cannon Firing 2pm.

Historic Trades
Watch skilled craftsmen working in a variety of historic trades. Witness the techniques used by tailors and shoemakers to outfit an entire army. Check out the maritime trades that were essential for maintaining control of the waterway upon which Ticonderoga is strategically situated.