Welcome to Career Opportunities at Fort Ticonderoga!

Fort Ticonderoga is one of North America’s most significant and oldest historic sites.  Our mission is to ensure that present and future generations learn from the struggles, sacrifices, and victories that shaped the nations of North America and changed world history. 

We serve this mission by:

  • preserving and enhancing our historic structures, collections, gardens, and landscapes

  • educating and inspiring the public as it learns about the history of Fort Ticonderoga and the diverse peoples who met here in war and in peace.

The historic site and museum is comprised of approximately 2,000 acres and includes the Log House Welcome Center, reconstructed fort, the Carillon Battlefield, the Pavilion, the King's Garden, Mount Defiance, Mount Hope, Mount Independence, and numerous other historic features that span the property's history. The Fort Ticonderoga Museum holds one of the most comprehensive and premier collections of 18th-century material culture. 

Current staffing includes 21 full-time year-round employees and approximately 70 part-time, project or seasonal employees. 

Can You Meet These Expectations?

  • Service Pillar Goal – Make it a great experience for our guests and better serve stakeholders and constituencies.
    Relationship: build a strong, positive relationship with everyone you serve
    Availability: fully present, fully aware, fully available for those you serve

  • Quality Pillar Goal – Deliver high quality service and product.
    Competence: viewed a content expert in your area of expertise
    Accuracy: Safe, careful and precise delivery of your products and service

  • People Pillar Goal– Make it a great place for all of us to work!
    Teamwork: a valuable, positive contributor to the team

  • Growth Pillar Goal – Continually improve our services, product, facilities & people.
    Resilience: responds to change & adversity positively & productively
    Innovation: proactively initiating positive change

  • Finance Pillar Goal – Responsibly manage our resources.
    Efficiency: wise use of time, money, materials, collections and land

If You Can Meet These Expectations, Apply Now!
Positions will be posted based on availability.  

Currently, the following positions are available including areas in interpretation, collections, exhibition, garden, corn maze, maintenance, cafe and store.

Horticulture Technician

Teamster Interpreter