Library Collections

The library preserves nearly 14,000 published works focusing on all aspects of Ticonderoga's history from French explorer Samuel de Champlain's arrival on the Ticonderoga peninsula in 1609 through the efforts to preserve and reconstruct the Fort from 1909 to the present. The library's collections include:
Early Military Manuals
Numbering nearly 200 titles spanning the 16th through the early 19th century, the library preserves one of the most significant collections of early military manuals in North America. They were the standard reference works used for the training of troops in the disciplines of marching and maneuvering troops, efficiently handling weapons and in the effective use of artillery and fortifications.  The collection includes French, English, German, Dutch, Italian, and American authors such as Bélidor, Bland, Coehorn, Cuthbertson, Kane, Muller, St. Remy, Saxe, Smith, Stevenson, Steuben, Vauban and many others.
Historical and Biographical Works
The largest segment of Fort Ticonderoga's library is its collection of histories and biographical works written about the conflicts that have shaped Ticonderoga's history since 1609.  The library preserves numerous histories of the French & Indian War and American Revolution published as early as the 1760s as well as the most recent works published today.  The collection of biographical works related to the people associated with Ticonderoga's past is equally extensive including several works written and published by veterans of those wars.

19th-Century Heritage Tourism
The 19th century is an important era in Ticonderoga's history.  With the advent of steamboat traffic on Lake Champlain and Lake George in the 1820s, the region saw a dramatic rise in tourism.  As a result, dozens of travel guides were published providing travel schedules, information about local accommodations, and sites that could be seen along each travel route.  Fort Ticonderoga is featured prominently in these guides and the information found within these early travel works provides rare documentation on the development of Fort Ticonderoga as an important tourist destination and what visitors could see when they visited the site.

Early Newspapers and Magazines
18th-century English and American newspapers and literary magazines are additional important resources preserved in the library.  Monthly literary magazines including The London Magazine and Annual Register cover the years of the French & Indian War and American Revolution in their entirety offering unique perspectives on everything from the latest scientific breakthroughs happening in England and Europe, to popular literature and music, and news of recent events happening around the globe.  Significant runs of newspapers from both wars including the London Chronicle, Boston Gazette, Providence Gazette and Pennsylvania Evening Post provide the “breaking news” coverage of all the major events in these conflicts.
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