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Calling all GROUPS!

It’s time to turn the page and experience all that 2017 has to offer. Whether you are planning a school field trip, a group outing, a youth overnight experience, or a scout day trip, Fort Ticonderoga has something to make each trip an unforgettable experience! Here are 19 ideas along with useful information to help you plan an extraordinary visit:

  1. More opportunities to explore the beauty of the site.Fall folliage on Mount Defiance

Bring your group to experience the sweeping vistas of Vermont’s Green Mountains and New York’s Adirondack Mountains combined with the captivating views of Lake Champlain. The scenery alone makes for a picture perfect trip—any time of year!

  1. A new year – a new experience!

Did you bring a group here last year? Every year is a new experience at Fort Ticonderoga thanks to our rich history and talented staff!

2017 is 1757: Have you heard of the book, “Last of the Mohicans?” Discover the real story of 1757. Imagine Fort Carillon (later named Ticonderoga) filled inside and out with French soldiers, native warriors, and cannon preparing to take the fight for New France all the way up Lake George.

  1. Let’s get personal!

Fort Ticonderoga’s professional interpretive staff offers historical introduction tours that pertain to whatever your group’s interest is. Whether your group loves the beauty of the breathtaking King’s Garden, or seeks adventure in our military history, introductory tours make any group trip more memorable and personalized.

  1. Get out of the classroom and onto our 2000 acre learning campus.

Teachers, it’s time to plan an unforgettable day for your students! The To Act as One Students portraying soldiersUnited Body program is just one special way to bring history to life! You’ll be delighted watching your students portray the soldiers they learn about in their history books. This is a dynamic activity and great for students of all ages!

  1. Did somebody say lunch?

Enjoy fresh farm-to-table meals with a view! America’s Fort Café, located inside the Log House Welcome Center, is a favorite stop for groups! Whether your group wants to dine in and relish in the beauty of the lake and mountains—or pre-order boxed lunches to enjoy at a picnicking area on site (our favorite is in the King’s Garden), fresh salads from our gardens, homemade soups, and other specials are sure to delight anyone’s taste buds! Beer and wine is available.

  1. The show must go on!

So…you scheduled your group’s visit months before the visit date and now the day is here and it’s…raining. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Fort Ticonderoga is a rain or shine facility and we won’t let a little rain get in the way of your special day! Explore our world-class museum collection in our exhibition galleries.

  1. Living History.

It’s right out of the history books—you can’t go wrong! Our staff brings to you the latest Soldiers firing gunsresearch straight from our museum collections to create a one of a kind experience. Be sure to attend a program too!

  1. A field trip that will go down in history.

A field trip this spring provides an energizing experience for your students. Students can engage with our historic trades, interact with our staff portraying French soldiers at Ticonderoga during the French & Indian War, watch a weapons demonstration, explore exhibits, and immerse themselves in our beautiful landscape. Consider one of our special programs to expand your experience.

  1. The King’s Garden – do we need to say more?

One of the most popular places at Fort Ticonderoga for groups is the magnificent King’s Garden. The walled colonial revival flower garden designed by Marian Kruger Coffin, takes your breath away with its fragrance and vibrant colors. Be sure to capture the picture-perfect beauty of the “Young Diana” statue by Anna Hyatt Huntington which graces the reflecting pool in the center of the garden.  Also, explore the discovery gardens outside the walls which always delight children of all ages including the Children’s Garden, the Garrison Garden, the farm to table garden, and more! This is a perfect location to have a picnic lunch from our America’s Fort Café featuring nothing else but fresh produce from the garden!

  1. Is that you down there?Aerial view of Fort Ticonderoga

How about the experience of viewing Fort Ticonderoga atop historic Mount Defiance? With guided tours offered daily and self-guided exploration permitted from 9:30-4:30, this general admission ticket-included experience allows you to gain a bird’s eye view of the fort and all the beauty that surrounds it. There is even a picnic pavilion at the top where we welcome you to enjoy your lunch or a tasty snack!

  1. Attention scouts!

Enroll your troop in the Planting the Tree of Liberty program where they are immersed in the daily routine of the Continental soldiers garrisoning Fort Ticonderoga in the weeks after the capture of the fort by Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold in 1775.  Boy and Girl scouts form a platoon of soldiers, learning teamwork and discipline as they undergo a typical day in the life of soldiers. They learn about the training used to prepare soldiers to meet a powerful enemy, what soldiers ate, where they slept, and experience the confusion of battle.

  1. “What if our group can’t make it between 9:30-5?”—I’m glad you asked.Soldiers firing guns during Guns by Night

Fort Ticonderoga offers incredible evening experiences, from a sunset cruise aboard M/V Carillon to the flash of musketry and roar of cannon fire during the Guns by Night program; this will be an experience your group will never forget!

  1. Shoemaking, tailoring, carpentry, oh my!

Witness the production of soldier-life necessities right up close and personal! The Historic Trades Shops provide groups with information, demonstrations, and reasoning behind the technique, material used and strategies of the 18th century French solider.

  1. Ah-mazing!

40% of Fort Ticonderoga’s 2000 is farm land today.  The site’s agricultural history dates back to pre-European contact.  The story continues today, and as part of that, is our very unique 6 acre Heroic Maze where groups receive a special rate!  Every year the maze has a new design shaped in the likeness of the fort.  Explore this life-size puzzle while tackling questions related to Fort Ticonderoga’s story.  You may want to brush up on your history by taking a tour before you try to conquer the maze.  Also be sure to include Maze by Moonlight on your late fall calendar. This experience is great for young and old alike!

  1. All aboard!Carillon boat tour

Give your group the waterway adventure of a lifetime aboard the luxurious M/V Carillon. During your 90-minute tour, discover the centuries of stories shared by your on-board narrator about historic Lake Champlain and its important role in North American history and the founding of America.

  1. We know we are the best at special events!

Not to brag, but… we know that we put on the best special events out there. Schedule your group visit on the day of an event and get swept into the action! From battle re-enactments to living history events to the Heritage, Harvest & Horse Festival, your group is sure to experience an adventure they will never forget! Be sure to take a look at our Events Calendar for different options throughout the year!

  1. Artificer’s Apprentice.

During this program, your students learn the historic trades of carpentry, tailoring, saddlery, and shoemaking. Fort Ticonderoga opens just for you and your students for this special hands-on program. Rotating through four stations, students learn about the local and global economy that supplied the leather, cloth, and other materials used by artificers to clothe, arm, and supply soldiers at Fort Ticonderoga. Students pick up needle and thread, hammer and saw, and work alongside our staff.

  1. We will come to you!Students learning about Fort Ticonderoga in the classroom

One of our absolute favorite things to share is the history of Fort Ticonderoga and its importance in the founding of our nation.  Our dedicated education and interpretive staff members travel to schools in New York, Vermont, and beyond to engage youth in a multi-disciplined hands-on program that provokes thought and yes, is fun!

  1. Scouting overnights.

How many people get to say they have stayed the night at Fort Ticonderoga? Give your troop the opportunity of a lifetime by scheduling an overnight trip that comes with an entire activity itinerary. They eat a soldier’s dinner, prepared on the soldiers’ camp kitchen or on the hearth. Similarly, scouts begin their morning with a simple soldiers’ breakfast before launching into another day of exploration. Spots are limited, don’t miss out!

For more information and reserving your group visit, contact our Group Tour Coordinator at or (518) 585-2821.