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The Reward of Warring Valor

Among the many remarkable objects in Fort Ticonderoga’s collections is a rather small but very important French military medal, the Ordre royal et militaire de Saint-Louis. The Ordre de Saint-Louis was created in 1693 as an award for military merit and valor.  It was awarded only to French Catholic officers who had served for at least […]

Keeping Ticonderoga Secure and Healthy During the Winter of 1776-1777

“The Care of the Fortresses of Tyonderoga and Mount Independence being committed to you as commanding Officer…” begins a letter written by General Philip Schyler as he turns over command of Ticonderoga to Colonel Anthony Wayne in the fall of 1776 was recently acquired by Fort Ticonderoga through generous donor support.  Written November 23, 1776, […]

Preserving Amos Chaffee’s Memory

On July 7, 2012 Fort Ticonderoga received a remarkable donation.  For over two centuries the Chaffee family has preserved their ancestor, Amos Chaffee’s, engraved powder horn, musket and walking stick.  Now the family is entrusting the Fort Ticonderoga Association to preserve their family’s Revolutionary War objects for future generations.  Amos Chaffee served at Fort Ticonderoga […]

Installing “Bullets & Blades”

The installation of a new exhibit is a large task.  A previous blog has highlighted the work the museum has done to clean and prepare the weapons for exhibit.  That is only one small part of the exhibition construction process. Many weeks were spent constructing mounts for the objects.  Because each object is different, it […]

Preparing the Arms Collection for a New Exhibit

A significant part of developing a new exhibit at Fort Ticonderoga is the preparation of collection objects before they go on display. Some objects require very little preparation, others require somewhat more attention. In the case of the museum’s newest exhibit Bullets & Blades: The Weapons of America’s Colonial Wars and Revolution, the objects slated […]