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Fort Ticonderoga’s Volunteer of the Year Announced

Volunteer of the Year 2015Fort Ticonderoga recently announced that Frank Schlamp of Ticonderoga, NY, has received the 2015 Fort Ticonderoga Volunteer of the Year Award.  Mr. Schlamp received the honor in recognition of his years of dedicated service, commitment to Fort Ticonderoga’s educational mission, and generous support in all areas of Fort Ticonderoga’s operations. Mr. Schlamp has earned the highest status in Fort Ticonderoga’s Volunteers Count! rewards program, the Triple Diamond level, with 546 hours logged as of the end of August.

“Frank’s support and assistance at Fort Ticonderoga has had a substantial impact on our overall organization,” said Beth Hill, President and CEO. “Always willing to support projects in Collections, King’s Garden, Buildings and Grounds, and other areas, Frank has offered invaluable leadership with special projects and in operations. He has shared his talent with Fort Ticonderoga for more than 22 years, working approximately 40 hours a week with our team.  His record is monumental and his service and support has been considerable. We are very, very grateful.”

“Frank has been the heart of the ongoing commitment to reconstructing Ticonderoga’s past. From sorting archeological remains to piecing together fragments of ledger books, his tireless attention to detail, commitment, and passion for the work of history is all the more remarkable when we stop and consider that he does this because he truly loves and believes in it. His work embodies to the truest and highest spirit of volunteerism.”

Mr. Schlamp’s work in Fort Ticonderoga’s collections department was recently featured in an interview with Mountain Lake PBS:–culture/piecing-together-the-history-of-fort-ticonderoga/.

The Volunteer of the Year Award is part of Fort Ticonderoga’s Volunteers Count! Rewards Program. The volunteer rewards program was initiated in 2012 and allows volunteers with eleven or more hours donated to earn a Volunteer Ambassador Pass granting free general admission for the season as well as other benefits.

Fort Ticonderoga volunteers have given nearly 8,000 hours so far in 2015 in areas including interpretation, horticulture, education, development, collections, exhibitions, and buildings and grounds. New volunteers are welcome to apply to the program which offers numerous and enriching volunteer opportunities. Volunteer information and applications are available on Fort Ticonderoga’s website at or by calling 518-585-2821.