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Montcalm’s Cross Battle Re-enactment, July 22-23: Fort Ticonderoga Recreates the Epic 1758 Battle of Carillon

Montcalm’s Cross Battle Re-enactmentJoin Fort Ticonderoga July 22-23, 2017 for an exciting battle re-enactment highlighting the epic 1758 Battle of Carillon! Witness how the British amassed the largest army in North American history to date, yet was stunningly defeated by a French army a quarter of its size. Highlighted programming featured throughout the weekend brings to life the story of the courageous French soldiers that protected their lines of defense against all odds. Visitors will meet the British and Provincial soldiers who gave their utmost to drive the French from the rocky peninsula and fortress of Carillon, later named Ticonderoga. Experience the fog of war and smoky haze of battle as the French and British armies maneuver across Fort Ticonderoga’s historic landscape in battle re-enactments each day.

Throughout this two-day battle re-enactment, tour Carillon Battlefield and discover how this battlefield preserves both the memory and remains of the battle. Step aboard the 1920s replica tour boat, Carillon, to explore the naval side of the battle. Follow the amassed military musicians of the French Army as they provide musical escorts. Join Fort Ticonderoga’s expert staff for detailed presentations in the Mars Education Center. Watch the assault at the recreated French Lines as waves of British and American soldiers rushed through French bullets in an attempt to dislodge this tenuously fortified position during the epic battle re-enactment.

“During this dramatic event, visitors will discover how the Battle of Carillon sealed the reputation of Ticonderoga for generations to come,” said Beth Hill, Fort Ticonderoga’s President and CEO. “The battle resulted in the greatest number of casualties in one day until the American Civil War and as a result, Ticonderoga became a legend in its own time.”

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Photo: Fort Ticonderoga Recreates the Epic 1758 Battle of Carillon: Montcalm’s Cross on July 22-23, 2017. The price for this event is included in a general admission ticket. To learn more about the event, visit