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Ordered to Join the Northern Army in Canada Living History Event at Fort Ticonderoga March 24

Reenactors in FormationJoin Fort Ticonderoga for a one-day living history event Saturday, March 24, 2018 to meet new recruits and veteran troops from New York as they prepare to join the ongoing Continental Army campaign against Canada in the spring of 1776. Living history demonstrations throughout the day feature the weapons, tactics, trades, and people needed for fighting and surviving in the Continental Army’s Northern Department. For more information, call 518-585-2821 or visit

Highlighted programming throughout the day brings to life the struggle to keep an American army alive in March of 1776. Meet the reinforcements headed for northern forts and Canada as they drill to defend Ticonderoga as a vital and strategic link in the military supply chain. Walk alongside powerful oxen as they haul logs miles from the woods surrounding Ticonderoga. Listen as leather heels strike the ground as soldiers march in step and see artillery artificers cast and cut metal to make cannon ammunition. Watch the carpenters, drafted from among soldiers, hard at work as they turn logs and lumber into crates, sleds, and beams.

“This living history event will highlight the story of the struggle for liberty in the first full year of the war for American Independence,” said Beth Hill, President & CEO. “Our commitment to bringing the dramatic and real story of our past to life through unforgettable programs such as the Ordered to Join the Northern Army in Canada living history event is an opportunity to share with our visitors the importance of Ticonderoga in the founding of America.”

Admission to the event is $12 for the general public and free to Fort Ticonderoga Members, Ambassador Pass holders, and children age four and under.

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Photo: Join Fort Ticonderoga on Saturday, March 24 for the Ordered the Join the Northern Army in Canada living history event from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. Photo credit Fort Ticonderoga.