Raising Montcalm’s Cross

Young and old are fascinated by great battles in history.  In addition to these generic themes of the roar of cannons, musketry, and grim statistics, every battle has a unique story. It is these unique stories that have filled the imaginations of armchair generals and casual history buffs alike for centuries.  Fort Ticonderoga has been […]

Never Say Never

To historians, perhaps as much as scientists, proving yourself wrong is often more exciting than being correct.  Often visitors ask about how the cavalry was used in battle around Fort Ticonderoga, to which our answer would be that we haven’t found any evidence of cavalry at Fort Ticonderoga. Typically, we elaborate on this answer to […]

We’ve Got the Blues

Deep blue, azure blue, sky blue, and sapphire blue – annuals and perennials in shades of blue are artfully arranged to accent both soft and bold colored plant groupings.  All are on display in the King’s Garden, one of just a few examples of landscape architect Marian Coffin’s work that remains from her successful career that peaked […]

Combat in the North Woods

In discussing firelocks, cannons, or mortars with visitors, the question that logically comes up is the use of these weapons in a battle. Unfortunately, mentioning “A Battle” leads to images conjured out of the movies. Despite the rugged, wooded hills surrounding Fort Ticonderoga, as well as Lake Champlain, the hypothetical battle in which these weapons […]

His story deserves to be told…

Battles are often remembered for the major military figures involved and how the actions that took place on the battlefield contributed to the greater outcome of a war.  Usually when discussed today, battles are described in terms of tactics, commanders, and remarkable feats of heroism.  Casualty numbers are generally known, and people understand very well that […]