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Witness the French Military Campaign to Capture Lake George on 260th Anniversary

Join Fort Ticonderoga for a one-day living history event Saturday, March 25th to witness how French soldiers, Canadians, and Native warriors prepare for an attack on Fort William Henry on March 16, 1757. From wool leggings and moccasins to snowshoes and toboggans, explore traditional tools and supplies that were vital to winter survival on the frontier of New France. Discover France’s military situation and their strategy against the British as they entered 1757 with outnumbered troops and isolated by a blockade. How could they possibly overcome such odds?

“This living history event will highlight the story of the people who provided the groundwork and material to take Fort William Henry during a vicious winter attack in 1757,” said Beth Hill, President and CEO of Fort Ticonderoga. “Our commitment to bring the dramatic and real story of our past to life through unforgettable programs, such as this event, is an opportunity to share with our visitors the importance of this place in the Atlantic world in the 18th century.”

Highlighted programs including tours, living history demonstrations, historic trades, French soldiers using snowshoes to travelweapons demonstrations, and fife and drum corps performances throughout the day transform Ticonderoga into the year 1757 and bring this dramatic story to life when the British and French Empires were vying over this strategic region in North America.

Weapons demonstrations go beyond loading and firing to explore how weapons designed for European warfare served in winter raids in America. Tour through the Fort Ticonderoga of today and see what materials were used to construct strong fortified walls. Join museum staff for a presentation that examines the rich story of regiments of French soldiers who built and defended Carillon, later named Ticonderoga. Listen to the stirring tunes that directed the soldiers’ day and eased long bitter winter campaigns during Fife and Drum Corps performances.

Admission to the event is $10 for the general public and free to Fort Ticonderoga Members, Ambassador Pass holders, and children age four and under. For the full event schedule, visit

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Photo: Credit: Fort Ticonderoga. The Four Divisions Formed at Fort Carillon Living History Event will take place on March 25th at Fort Ticonderoga.