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Fort Ticonderoga
Tourist Attraction in NY | Fort Ticonderoga
Have the experience of a lifetime at Fort Ticonderoga. We're a historic attraction in New York that's perfect for everyone.
Fort Ticonderoga Hours and Directions
Fort Ticonderoga is open from May to November. Learn more on our hours and directions page.
Things to Do at Fort Ticonderoga
There are many fun things to do at Fort Ticonderoga. Learn more on this page
The History of Fort Ticonderoga | Restoration, Preservation, Museum and Artifact Collections
Discover the rich History of Fort Ticonderoga, its preservation, and its core museum collections.
Education | Fort Ticonderoga
Fort Ticonderoga invites you to embark on a historical adventure!
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Did you see something that you wanted when you were at the Fort Ticonderoga Gift shop? You can get it here!
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There's even more to love about Fort Ticonderoga. Find out what we have to offer on this page.
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Contact us to learn more about Fort Ticonderoga.
Trips to The Adirondacks
If you're planning a trip to the Adirondacks, this page can help you make the perfect plans.
Accessibility for Guests With Special Needs at Fort Ticonderoga
Fort Ticonderoga welcomes guests with special needs. Learn more here.
Privacy Policy
Fort Ticonderoga protects the privacy of our members, on-line customers, and donors. Read more here.
Plan Your Visit to Fort Ticonderoga
See what adventure waits for you at Fort Ticonderoga! We can help you plan your visit!
Museum in Upstate, NY
Discover the most comprehensive 18th-century military collection in North America. Explore our museum exhibits at Fort Ticonderoga. We're in Upstate, NY.
Boat Cruises in the Adirondacks | Fort Ticonderoga
Take a historic and exciting boat cruise at Fort Ticonderoga and discover the beauty of the Adirondacks.
War Reenactments | Living History Events and Festivals
Experience exciting living history events and festivals at Fort Ticonderoga. We present the most immersive battle reenactments you'll ever see.
The Fort Ticonderoga Events Calendar
Looking to see when your favorite event will be happening at Fort Ticonderoga? Visit this page.
Historic Sites in Upstate, NY
Visit one of the most popular historic sites in Upstate, NY. Go to Fort Ticonderoga.
Daily Programs at Fort Ticonderoga
Discover all of the amazing programs we have to offer at Fort Ticonderoga.
Tours at Fort Ticonderoga
Unique and up-close-and-personal VIP tours are available at Fort Ticonderoga. Get your tickets before they run out.
Living History Museum
Don't just read about history, live it at Fort Ticonderoga! We are America's premier interpretive living history program
Family Activities in the Adirondacks | Hands-On Activities at Fort Ticonderoga
The hands-on living history experiences at Fort Ticonderoga make family outings perfect. Make your next trip amazing by visiting us!
The Fort Ticonderoga Fife & Drum Corps
The Fort Ticonderoga Fife & Drum Corps represent the military musicians who served at the fort historically. Learn more here.
Outdoor Recreation
There are many outdoor activities available at Fort Ticonderoga. See all that we have to offer.
Beautiful Garden Upstate NY | Historic Garden | Kings Garden
Create a wonderful memory by visiting King's Garden. This beautiful garden in Upstate, NY is both gorgeous and historic.
Rent a Canoe in the Adirondacks | Fort Ticonderoga
Rent a canoe at Fort Ticonderoga. We're located in New York's beautiful Adirondacks.
Hiking Trail in the Adirondacks
Visit a scenic and historic hiking trail in the Adirondacks. Make the trip to Fort Ticonderoga.
Fort Ticonderoga's Corn Maze
The corn maze is a fun way for families to have a great time at Fort Ticonderoga. Buy your tickets now!
Mount Defiance
Witness the beautiful landscape of Upstate, NY at Mount Defiance. It is one of the best places to explore in the Adirondacks.
Things to Do in Upstate, NY
If you're looking for things to do in Upstate, NY, visit Fort Ticonderoga. We have so much to offer.
Historic Homes in New York | The Pavilion
Visit the Pavilion at Fort Ticonderoga. This historic summer home was among of the first of its kind in the country.
The Deborah Clarke Mars Education Center
Visit the Deborah Clarke Mars Education Center for in depth seminars, incredible public events, and amazing exhibitions.
Dining & Shopping at Fort Ticonderoga
Delicious meals, amazing gifts, and more are available to you at Fort Ticonderoga. Learn more here.
Picnic Areas in The Adirondacks
Fort Ticonderoga has America's most historic landscape and is the best place to picnic in the Adirondacks!
Suggested Itineraries | Visit | Fort Ticonderoga
Make the most of your visit with these great ways to fill your days! Count on planning at least one full day at Fort Ticonderoga.
Day Trips in The Adirondacks
Fort Ticonderoga offers perfect group tours for families, school groups, scouts, and more. Visit us for a great day trip in the Adirondacks.
Corporate Events in the Adirondacks | Fort Ticonderoga
Schedule a corporate event of historic proportions at Fort Ticonderoga, located in Adirondacks.
Wedding Venue in the Adirondacks | Fort Ticonderoga
Make history with a wedding at Fort Ticonderoga. We provide a beautiful wedding venue in the Adirondacks.
Heritage Breeds at Fort Ticonderoga
Come to the King's Garden to explore one of the oldest cultivated landscapes in America. Join a tour of this epic land, or one of our Horticulture programs.
Frequently Asked Questions
Museum Exhibit
17th & 18th Century Weapons Exhibit
An extensive collection of 18th-century weapons are on display at Fort Ticonderoga. Muskets, pistols, swords and more can be seen in our exhibit.
Heart of Stone Exhibit
Learn about the medical experiences of soldiers at Fort Ticonderoga during the French and Indian War and American Revolution.
Colonial and Revolutionary War Soldier Diet at Fort Ticonderoga
What did Colonial and Revolutionary soldiers at Fort Ticonderoga eat? Learn more here.
1756: The Front Line of New France Exhibit
See the campaign of 1756 from the French Perspective at Fort Ticonderoga.
Fort Carillon | Iron & Stone - Building Fort Carillon | Museum Exhibit
Fort Carillon, like Rome wasn't built in a day. Learn about a hands on exhibit that's interactive and informative.
Object Lessons | Perspectives on Material Culture
Have you ever thought of a musket as a piece of art or a canteen as a story of industrialization? Learn more here.
Diorama-rama: History in Miniature
See Fort Ticonderoga's history through our museum's collection of dioramas, and observe how our understanding of history has changed.
18th & 19th Century Military Clothing | Founding Fashion Museum Exhibit at Fort Ticonderoga
Fort Ticonderoga's museum exhibitions highlight its world-renowned collections including 18th and 19th century clothing collection.
Suggested Itineraries
Plan Your Fort Ticonderoga Trip
We have great suggestions to help you make the most out of your trip to Fort Ticonderoga. Read over our suggested itineraries here.
Fort Ticonderoga
One-Day Visits | Intineraries | Fort Ticonderoga
If your time is limited to one day, here are some suggested itineraries based around the time you plan to arrive at Fort Ticonderoga.
Two-Day-Visit | Itineraries | Fort Ticonderoga
Purchase a two-day ticket or join of membership program to have greater access to all the Fort Ticonderoga has to offer!
Suggested Itinerary Outdoor Adventure | Fort Ticonderoga
An outdoor enthusiasts paradise and located in the 6 million acre Adirondack Park, the Fort Ticonderoga adventure is set in America's most historic landscape.
Behind The Scenes
VIP Tours | Visit | Fort Ticonderoga
These VIP tours are led by members of the Fort Ticonderoga professional staff and provide an experience unlike any other.
Fife And Drum
Fife and Drum Corps History and Recordings
Read about the history and recordings of Fort Ticonderoga's talented drum corps.
More From The Fort
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Press / Media Information
You can plan your media visit to Fort Ticonderoga right here.
About Fort Ticonderoga
Discover Fort Ticonderoga's epic history and all that it has to offer today.
Fort Ticonderoga Mission and President's Message
Fort Ticonderoga is a place that is rich in heritage and is an important part of the American Story. Learn more here.
Meet our Staff
Contact information for the Fort Ticonderoga Staff.
The Fort Ticonderoga Board of Trustees
Meet the Fort Ticonderoga Board of Trustees.
Fort Ticonderoga Jobs/Employment/Open Positions
Make your career historic by working at Fort Ticonderoga. We provide many exciting career opportunities.
Fort Ticonderoga's Annual Reports
View Fort Ticonderoga's Annual Reports here.
Buy Tickets
Buy tickets to experience the history and beauty of Fort Ticonderoga!
Register for Events and Programs at Fort Ticonderoga
Register for the exciting events and programs that take place at Fort Ticonderoga!
History And Collections
Learn the History of Fort Ticonderoga & the Ticonderoga Penninsula
The Ticonderoga peninsula has been an important site of human interaction for centuries. Learn more here.
Fort Ticonderoga Timeline
Fort Ticonderoga was defining in the French and Indian War and the American Revolution. Learn more here.
Important People in the History of Ticonderoga
Learn more about the people that shaped Ticonderoga's history.
Fort Ticonderoga's Historic Places
Learn what key dependencies of the 18th-century fort played a significant role in Ticonderoga's history.
Historic Garden | Landscape & Gardens
Discover the Layers of Horticultural History at Fort Ticonderoga.
The Fort Ticonderoga Preservation Association
Learn about the Fort Ticonderoga preservation story.
Museum Collections at Fort Ticonderoga
See the vast library, archival, and artifact collections at Fort Ticonderoga. We have original muskets, uniforms, oil paintings, and more.
The Fort Ticonderoga Library
The Fort Ticonderoga Library contains significant early military manuals, historical and biographical works, and more. Learn about it on this page.
Archival Museum Collections at Fort Ticonderoga
Fort Ticonderoga's archival collections document all aspects of its history from the fall of 1755 through its restoration in the 20th century.
18th-Century Military Collections | Weapons, Uniforms, Art, Powder Horns, Archeological Objects & More
Fort Ticonderoga boasts North America's most comprehensive collection of 18th-cent military related objects. Read more here.
Research Inquiries and Access to Fort Ticonderoga's Collections
Fort Ticonderoga has vast research opportunities. Learn more here.
18th-Century Historic Battlefields | Carillon Battelfield
Discover the largest series of untouched 18th-century earthworks surviving in North America at Fort Ticonderoga's Carillon Battlefield.
Mount Defiance
One of the most spectacular views in the North East is at Mount Defiance. You need to make a trip to this gorgeous location soon!
Mount Hope
Mount Hope was home to scouting posts during the French and Indian War. Learn more about it on this page.
Hiking Trails in the Vermont at Mount Independence
Go hiking at Mount Independence. Learn more about it here.
Teacher Workshops, Conferences, and Seminars
We offer a variety of professional development opportunities for teachers at Fort Ticonderoga. Learn more here.
Educational Field Trips in New York and More | Fort Ticonderoga School Programs
Fort Ticonderoga is great for educational field trips in New York and more. See everything that we have to offer.
Workshops and Seminars at Fort Ticonderoga
Year-round workshops and seminars allow visitors to engage more deeply with our history.
Scouting Group Visits | Boy Scouts | Girl Scouts | Scouting Group Reservations at Fort Ticonder
Fort Ticonderoga offers adventure learning experiences. We're a perfect place to visit for boy and girl scout troops.
Internships, Graduate Fellowships & University Partnerships at Fort Ticonderoga
Fort Ticonderoga offers many education opportunities. Read about our internships, graduate fellowships, and University Partnerships.
Re-enactor & Participant Information | Fort Ticonderoga
Re-enactment events, living history events, heritage events and events next year.
NEH Summer Workshops for Teachers
At Fort Ticonderoga, we offer NEH Landmarks of American History and Culture workshops for School Teachers. Learn more here.
Scots Day | Education | Fort Ticonderoga
Celebrate Scottish culture and military heritage! Discover your own Scottish connection and enjoy the sounds of Scottish music.
Historic Trades Workshops at Fort Ticonderoga
Learn a historic trade by taking part in one of the many workshops at Fort Ticonderoga.
Defiance & Independence | Events | Fort Ticonderoga
Join us for a two-day battle re-enactment of the climactic summer of 1777 as the American garrison was outflanked by a British invasion force.
Fort Ticonderoga
Montcalm's Cross | Education | Fort Ticonderoga
Clothing & Equipment Guidelines, Schedule, Camping.
Defiance & Independence
Defiance & Independence
Montcalm's Cross
Montcalm's Cross | Education | Fort Ticonderoga
General Abercrombie?s army in the 1758 Campaign against Ticonderoga, was unprecedented both in size and the modification of clothing and equipment
Montcalm's Cross
Montcalm's Cross | Education | Fort Ticonderoga
Sir William Johnson, Superintendent of Indian Affairs for the British, promised a substantial amount of Native warriors for the campaign to invade Canada,
Montcalm's Cross | Education | Fort Ticonderoga
The practical concerns of ranging service in the no-man?s land between Fort Edward and Fort Carillon made ranger clothing a fascinating mix of styles.
Montcalm's Cross | Education | Fort Ticonderoga
The trail of documentation for Massachusetts provincial soldiers is not as clear as in previous or subsequent campaigns.
Montcalm's Cross
Montcalm's Cross
Montcalm's Cross
Montcalm's Cross | Education | Fort Ticonderoga
Montcalm?s troupe or regular soldiers were issued and used many articles of Canadian dress from their earliest arrival in the summer of 1755.
Montcalm's Cross | Education | Fort Ticonderoga
The clothing worn by those native warriors at Fort Carillon in the summer of 1758 was not dissimilar from Canadian clothing.
Montcalm's Cross | Education | Fort Ticonderoga
Despite having their own personal wardrobes milice often only wore their goverment issued clothing.
In-Depth Opportunities for Student Learners | Fort Ticonderoga
In this program, your students are immersed in the daily routine of the Continental soldiers garrisoning Fort Ticonderoga in the weeks after the capture
Carillon Boat Cruises for Groups
In-Classroom Programs: A Soldier's Life at Fort Ticonderoga
Immerse your students in 1775 as a soldier garrisoning Fort Ticonderoga comes to your classroom.
Field Trip Ideas in New York | Fort Ticonderoga
Plan your perfect field trip adventure for students of all ages. Visit Fort Ticonderoga in New York
Programs for Homeschool Students
National History Day Program | Education | Fort Ticonderoga
National History Day encourages students to explore local, state, national, and world history.
Teacher Resources by Subject
Annual Conference on Colonial America for Educators
Fort Ticonderoga hosts the Annual Conference on Colonial America for Educators. Learn more here.
The Fort Ticonderoga Teachers Institute
Learn about the Fort Ticonderoga Teacher Institute.
Graduate Credits for Educators in New York
Get Receive the graduate credits that you need at Fort Ticonderoga. We're a professional education resource for Educators.
Resources for Teachers
Information for Teachers and Educators about conferences, workshops, seminars, courses, and field trips at Fort Ticonderoga
2015 NEH Lessons
NEH Lesson Plans
Teachers' Institute
2015 Teachers Institute Lessons
Workshops And Seminars
Material Matters Information
Get an in depth description of our two-day seminar that covers historic clothing, craftsmanship, and more.
Twenty-First Annual War College of the Seven Years' War
Fort Ticonderoga Seminar on The American Revolution
This annual weekend seminar focuses on the military, political, and social history of the American Revolution.
The Fort Fever Series at Fort Ticonderoga
Learn about Fort Ticonderoga's Fort Fever Series.
Fifth Annual Garden & Landscape Symposium at Fort Ticonderoga
Join us for the King's Garden Annual Landscape Symposium. Learn more here.
Fort Ticonderoga Author Series | Education
Fort Ticonderoga?s Author Series features the authors of recent works related to the Fort Ticonderoga story.
American Revolution
"The Battle of Valcour: Benedict Arnold Defends Lake Champlain" Bus Tour
This one of a kind historic bus tour is taking place on September 25th, 2015. You can get all of the details here.
Girl Scouts
Girl Scout Day at Fort Ticonderoga 2015 | Education
Girl Scout groups of all ages are invited to join us for a day exclusively reserved for them!
University Partnerships
2015 Edward W. Pell Graduate Fellows
National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)
Fort Ticonderoga NEH Workshop Information
Fort Ticonderoga invite educators to come explore the amazing history behind the first years of the Revolution during its NEH Landmark Workshops.
Fort Ticonderoga NEH Staff and Scholars
Meet the NEH Staff and Scholars that help make the workshops at Fort Ticonderoga incredible.
NEH Eligbility Criteria
Review the eligibility requirements the NEH Workshops here.
Fort Ticonderoga NEH Schedule
Find the schedule of events for our NEH workshops.
Academic Resources for NEH Workshops
Academic resources available for NEH participants.
How to Apply for Fort Ticonderoga's NEH Workshops
Learn more about our NEH Workshops and how to apply.
Housing for NEH Summer Scholars at Fort Ticonderoga
Fort Ticonderoga has special housing arrangements for NEH Summer Scholars.
How To Get to Fort Ticonderoga | NEH Summer Scholars Program
If you're taking part in one of our workshops this summer and need travel directions, you can find them on this page.
NEH Graduate Credit Information
Learn about graduate credits available for teachers successfully completing the NEH Landsmarks Workshop.
Fort Ticonderoga NEH Testimonials
See what people who have taken part in our NEH seminars have said!
NEH Workshop Contact Information
Visit this page if you need information about Fort Ticonderoga's NEH workshops.
Join And Support
Become a Volunteer at Fort Ticonderoga | America's Fort
Become part of history. Volunteer at Fort Ticonderoga in Upstate, New York.
Fort Ticonderoga Fund
Help keep history alive by donating to the Fort Ticonderoga Fund.
Fort Ticonderoga Endowment | Join & Support
Join and Support the Fort Ticonderoga Endowment. Learn more here.
Corporate & Foundation Giving
Corporate and foundation giving helps Fort Ticonderoga thrive! Learn about the benefits of sponsorship here.
Fort Ticonderoga Donor and Fundraising Events
Be part of the action! Join Fort Ticonderoga for a fundraising event.
Support Fort Ticonderoga
Support Fort Ticonderoga by making a donation. Learn more here.
About The Fort
The Noble Train Begins 2015 | Galleries
Fort Ticonderoga recreated the epic story of Henry Knox's "Noble Train" of artillery during a reenactment. The event featured an exciting...
Living History at Ticonderoga | Galleries
Discover Ticonderoga's epic story! "Join us for a new experience with every visit." Fort Ticonderoga is the only site in the world that tells...
King's Garden | Galleries
Celebrate the layers of history and beauty in the King's Garden. "Be inspired by the vibrant colors inside the walled colonial revival garden, roll...
Collections | Galleries
The Collections of the Fort Ticonderoga Museum include artifact, archeological, and archival material stretching from pre-history to the 20th century....
Brown's Raid Battle Reenactment 2015 | Galleries
Fort Ticonderoga held Brown's Raid Battle Reenactmen September 12 -13. Photo credit to Drifting Focus Photography for capturing amazing images for this...
Battle on Snowshoes 2015 | Galleries
Fort Ticonderoga hosted an exciting living history event and battle re-enactment highlighting Major Robert Rogers and the Battle on Snowshoes on Saturday,...
Historic Trades | Galleries
Every day is an event at Fort Ticonderoga and every year is a new experience. Explore the daily lives of soldiers at Fort Ticonderoga through historic...
Montcalm's Cross 2015 | Galleries
The two day battle reenactment held July 18-19, 2015 event tells the story of the epic 1758 Battle of Carillon. "The Battle of Carillon sealed the...
Midsummer Gala 2015 | Galleries
Fort Ticonderoga's Midsummer Gala took place August 8, 2015. "The Gala was held within the majestic walls of the fort overlooking the beautiful...
Visiting The Adirondacks
Visiting the Adirondacks | Fort Ticonderoga
You may be visiting the Adirondacks for your next exciting vacation. Here's everything you'll need.
Things to Do In The Adirondacks | Fort Ticonderoga
Here are some fun things to do when you visit the Adirondacks.
Places to Stay in and around the Adirondacks
There are many great places to stay in and around the Adirondacks. See what the area has to offer on this page.
Where to eat in The Adirondacks | Fort Ticonderoga
You may be wondering where to eat in and around the Adirondacks. Read more here.
Shopping in the Adirondacks
There's a dazzling array of shopping opportunities in and around the Adirondack/Lake George region.
Family Activities in The Adirondacks | Fort Ticonderoga
There are many great family activities to do when you vacation in the Adirondacks. Read more on this page.
Fort Events
Memorial Day Weekend
Memorial Day Weekend at Fort Ticonderoga
Fort Ticonderoga hosts a variety of events and activities that salutes the services of our armed forces. Read more here.
Independence Day Weekend
Independence Day Weekend at Fort Ticonderoga
Come celebrate freedom by exploring one of the greatest triumphs of 1776.
Fife and Drum Corps Muster
Fife and Drum Corps Muster at Fort Ticonderoga
Experience martial music at it's finest at Fort Ticonderoga.
Heritage and Harvest Horse Festival
Heritage and Harvest Horse Festival
Celebrate the sights, sounds, and tastes of fall! Join us for the Annual Heritage, Harvest, and Horse Festival at Fort Ticonderoga
Montcalm's Cross: The 1758 Battle of Carillon Re-enactment
Battle Re-Enactments in New York | The 1758 Battle of Carillon
Learn how the epic 1758 Battle of Carillon sealed the reputation of Ticonderoga during this exciting two-day battle re-enactment!
Battle on Snowshoes
Battle on Snowshoes | Battle Re-enactments in New York
Epic battle re-enactments in New York take place at Fort Ticonderoga. Learn more about the Battle on Snowshoes here.
Fort Events
Leather Breeches Workshop
Leather Breeches Workshop | 2016-01-30 | Fort Events | Events
Join Fort Ticonderoga Artificer Shoemaker, Shaun Pekar to learn about the various ways to construct leather breeches, one the most common garments for men...
Winter Family Fun Day
Winter Family Fun Day: An 18th-Century Experience | 2016-02-13 | Fort Events | Events
Sledding, Snowshoeing, Skating? Yes, they had all those back in the great campaigns that made Ticonderoga so famous. Warm up with some hot chocolate inside...
Fort Fever Series
Fort Fever Series: Rich Strum, Director of Education "Who's in Charge Here?" | 2016-02-21 | Fort Events | Events
Explore the conflict over command of the American fleet on Lake Champlain in 1776. Using techniques from our summer teacher workshops, we will examine...
Bayonet Belt & New England Cartridge Box Workshop
Bayonet Belt & New England Cartridge Box Workshop | 2016-02-27 | Fort Events | Events
Join Fort Ticonderoga Artificer Shoemaker Shaun Pekar and Master Saddler Stuart Lilie to learn how to build your own cartridge box and bayonet belt, based on...
Brown's Raid Re-enactment
Brown's Raid - Re-enactment | 2015-09-12 | Fort Events | Events
Come join us at Fort Ticonderoga, September 12 & 13 to experience all sides of this real life action adventure!
Beyond Bullets and Blades
Beyond Bullets and Blades | 2015-08-12 | Fort Events | Events
A unique opportunity to handle original weapons from Fort Ticonderoga's collection to learn how 18th-century arms were made and used. Limited to 5 participants.
French Soldiers Return To Rebuild Carillon
French Soldiers Return To Rebuild Carillon | Historic Reenactment in New York
Relive a historic reenactment in New York at Fort Ticonderoga. Come watch the French Soldiers Return to Rebuild Carillon.
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