26th Regiment Red Tee


This one of a kind t-shirt is based on the design that was the brass badge worn on the cartridge boxes of the British 26th Regiment of Foot. The regiment was formed in 1689 of Protestant Scots who supported William the Prince of Orange who seized the English throne that year and Became King William. After nearly a century of service in Europe the regiment was sent to North America in 1767, garrisoning posts in Canada and along Lake Champlain. In May of 1775, forty six men and two officers of the regiment under the Command of Captain William Delaplace comprised the entire garrison of Fort Ticonderoga when Ethan Allen, Benedict Arnold, and the Green Mountain Boys launched their surprise attack that took the fort. The original badge is on display in the Fort Ticonderoga museum and was found in the ruins of of the fort in the early 20th century, probably lost by a soldier of the regiment just before the American Revolution.

Wear a piece of history today!

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