American Heritage Chocolate Block


American Heritage Chocolate’s Chocolate Block smells soooo good. Chip off a piece and discover that it tastes even better. Use it for chocolate chip cookies and you’ll love the touch of spice it brings to your traditional recipe. But, asks the gourmet in your group, how does it melt? Beautifully, is the answer. Smooth and velvety. Perfect for baking or drinking, the authentic taste of early American chocolate blends easily into all your favorite treats.

6 ounces of chocolate is 63% finely grated cacao (2 blocks scored in 1oz increments for easy use).  Contains chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, spices, and natural flavorings.  All natural, no preservatives.  Use in recipes as you would other semi-sweet chocolate, substituting American Heritage Chocolate 1 to 1. 

Made In Elizabethtown, PA 

Category: Edibles

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