1756: The Front Line of New France

2015 is 1756 at Fort Ticonderoga... or Fort Carillon.

By 1756, the French had committed to building a fortification south of Crown Point on the point of land between Lake Champlain and Lake George. This position would be the most advanced post in the Champlain Valley, the front Line of New France. Over the year French troops frantically tried to complete these defensive structures and braced for an imminent attack from the direction of Albany, an attack that never came. 

This exhibit will introduce the campaign of 1756 from the French perspective. Completing these fortifications were soldiers drawn from across France. To equip these soldiers the French government mobilized thousands of people across its empire. The French government governed where the clothing, weaponry, and equipment used by French soldiers was to come from. The result was that the French soldier was provided with materials from every corner of France. Using artifacts, archeological material, and hands-on reproductions this exhibit will explore how the soldiers who fought for France's empire were equipped with the goods created by that empire. 

It took an empire to sustain and fight for a continent.