Bullets and Blades


Bullets & Blades: The Weapons of America's Colonial Wars and Revolution combines Fort Ticonderoga's best weapons and the most recent scholarship offering a fresh interpretation of its rich history and the role arms played in the founding of America and its struggle for liberty.

For over a century, Fort Ticonderoga has been recognized for its extensive and encyclopedic collection of historic weapons. A staple of the museum’s exhibitions for over eight decades has been its displays of weapons. The most significant addition to the collection in recent years was the donation of the Grafton H. and Barbara W. Cook Collection of early weapons. The Cook Collection greatly supplements the museum’s already impressive collection of early weapons.

The exhibit explores the range of firearms and sidearms from  the late 17th century through the American War of Independence. From armory manufactured muskets, to make-do solutions, to imported firepower the display charts the development of the weapons that decided the fate of empires in North America. Muskets, pistols, carbines, swords, and polearms are all on display drawn from the best artifacts in Fort Ticonderoga's rich collections.  

Sub-sections of the exhibit include Infantry muskets, cavalry swords, officer's weapons, civilian firearms, and the unique weapons carried by Scots Highlanders. Supplementary exhibition text is available in the gallery for visitors that want to delve deeper into the history and development of 18th century weaponry. 

This exhibit is located on the second floor of the soldier's barracks.

Beyond Bullets and Blades

Thursdays at 3pm from June to August experience a unique opportunity to handle original weapons from Fort Ticonderoga's collection and learn how 18th-century arms were made and used. For more information see: Behind the Scenes and Special Tours.