Special Events & Reenactments

Explore Fort Ticonderoga's epic story at one of our many special events including reenactments, living history weekends, and festivals! Thrill at the power of artillery, celebrate Scottish Culture, or witness the reenactment of the 1777 British siege and capture of Ticonderoga! Fort Ticonderoga offers diverse and immersive special event experiences that are unique, powerful, and unforgettable for the whole family throughout the year!

Living History Event: Ordered to Join the Northern Army in Canada
March 24, 2018

Discover how veteran New York soldiers and raw recruits assembled at Ticonderoga in the spring of 1776. See their training and preparation to join the on-going Continental Army campaign in Canada. 

Battle Re-enactment: No Quarter 1775
May 5-6, 2018

Kick off the 2018 daily visitation with this two-day living history event! From spies to soldiers, explore British-held Ticonderoga, hours before its 1775 capture by the Green Mountain Boys. In an evening Reenactment, see the dramatic events of the surprise assault on Fort Ticonderoga. See the aftermath of the capture of Fort Ticonderoga and planning for a brand new campaign on Lake Champlain. 

Memorial Day Weekend
May 26-28, 2018

Join Fort Ticonderoga to remember the service of the armed forces of the United States on the very ground where so many American soldiers fought and sacrificed. Experience all aspects of the life of the Continental Army soldier in 1777 and learn about what they believed would come from their sacrifice in the name of liberty. 

Scots Day
June 16, 2018 

Discover your own Scottish connection by visiting clan tents and vendors and enjoy the sounds of Scottish music performed throughout the day.

1777 Siege of Ticonderoga: Independence Day Weekend
June 30-July 6, 2018

Celebrate freedom by exploring the year 1777 when America was consumed in the labor of liberty. Participate in the fight for freedom when the Northern Department of the Continental Army fought to keep the great fortress of Ticonderoga from falling into British control.

Battle of Carillon Commemoration
July 8, 2018

Stand on the very ground where the epic Battle of Carillon took place on July 8, 1758. Join Fort Ticonderoga's Fife and Drum Corps to lay wreaths and remember those men who fell in the climactic 1758 Battle of Carillon. 

Battle Re-enactment: Defiance & Independence
July 21-22, 2018

Join Fort Ticonderoga for this two-day battle reenactment and witness the epic siege of American-held Ticonderoga. Watch the story unravel around you as the roar of cannon and muskets erupt and see how American soldiers and artilleryman held the line in the name of Liberty.

Fife and Drum Corps Muster
July 28, 2018

Experience martial music at its best during the Fife and Drum Corps Muster at Fort Ticonderoga! Learn about the practical purpose of fifes and drums and enjoy the stirring rhythms and tunes of classic marches and camp songs throughout the day. 

Heritage, Harvest, & Horse Festival
October 6, 2018

Bring the whole family to the Heritage, Harvest, and Horse Festival for a full day of autumn fun! Experience the power and thunder of hooves through demonstrations of equestrian sports and working horses and take part in family fun activities throughout the day! 

Living History Event: The Enemy is Refortifying Ticonderoga
November 10, 2018 

As General Washington reveled in his victory at Yorktown in October 1781, British and Loyalist forces assembled at Ticonderoga to attempt a push down the Champlain Valley. Watch as soldiers and sailors work away to resurrect old cannons thrown in the lake back in 1777. Witness tradesmen of the army diligently repairing remnants of the old fort to secure the vital ground at Ticonderoga. 

Living History Event: Riot! Yankees versus Buckskin
December 15, 2018

See how the cold and lonely existence on this forward post would lead soldiers to fighting, nearly erupting in riot at the end of 1776. Witness the small altercation between Pennsylvania and Massachusetts as men go sour, and an entire battalion suppress the brawl. 

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