Junior Fifes & Drums

About the Junior Fifes & Drums
The Junior Fifes & Drums of Fort Ticonderoga are comprised of student volunteers in grades 6-12 who have a passion for music and history. This is an opportunity to build 18th-century musical performance skills and learn 18th-century trades with no experience required. Fort Ticonderoga offers free instruction on fife, drum, marching, and reading music as well as training in areas such as tailoring, shoemaking, carpentry, maritime trades, public speaking, and gardening.

Members of the Junior Fifes & Drums will have the opportunity to participate in parades and special events, practice and perform with the Senior Fifes & Drums, as well as experience the rich history of Fort Ticonderoga.

Volunteering at Fort Ticonderoga
The staff and volunteers at Fort Ticonderoga present the daily life of officers, soldiers, women, children, fifers, and drummers in the various armies of the French & Indian War and the Revolutionary War. Each year, we portray a different year in Ticonderoga’s history. Junior Fifes & Drums have the opportunity to participate in these exciting portrayals and Fort Ticonderoga’s signature living history events.

18th-century armies used fife and drum music to regulate camps, issue orders during battles, and provide an appropriate, stately boost to military reviews, parades, and other ceremonies. Much like in the 18th century, the Fife & Drums of Fort Ticonderoga illuminate the daily schedule through musical calls. In addition, the Fifes & Drums present daily music demonstrations explaining the important role fifers and drummers played in communicating commands from officers to the troops.

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