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Declare your Independence at Fort Ticonderoga, July 4-7! Experience the American Revolution on the very ground on which the fight for liberty occurred

Fort Ticonderoga will celebrate Independence Day with special events and programs throughout the holiday weekend, July 4-7, 2024. Experience the Revolutionary War on the very ground where Continental Army soldiers fought for liberty. Guests will see first-hand the American soldiers and women who fought bravely against a larger British Army and Navy as costumed museum staff recreate the struggle for independence at Ticonderoga in 1777. Thrill at the power of artillery and crackle of muskets, march to the beat of Fife & Drum, and join special family tours and hands-on programs throughout the weekend, to celebrate America’s independence at Fort Ticonderoga.

“This Independence Day celebration promises to be an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages,” said Beth L. Hill, Fort Ticonderoga President and CEO. “Ticonderoga is the site of America’s first victory of the Revolution. There is no better place to celebrate our freedom and learn about the struggle for independence than at Fort Ticonderoga.  From thrilling weapons demonstrations, family programs, historic trades, boat tours and more, there is something for everyone to make meaningful connections to our past and its importance to us today.”

Independence Day Weekend Highlights:

Search for Liberty: A Family Adventure! Step into the American Revolution at Fort Ticonderoga and help staff portraying Continental Army soldiers and artillerymen with their daily duties! Roll up your sleeves in this hands-on exploration of historic trades, including tailoring, shoemaking and boat building that were vital to the American cause. Visit soldiers’ quarters and discover the food, and gardens that kept them fed as they served their country. Be sure to complete helping soldiers with their tasks to earn prizes of historic proportions!

Fife and Drum Concerts From the earliest patriotic songs which inspired a nation, to the everyday duties and marches that regulated army life, listen to the fifes and drums of the American defenders of Ticonderoga with performances throughout the special event weekend. See the massed fifers and drummers of the many regiments who were charged with holding the British Army at bay.

Key to the Continent Guided Tours Could Ticonderoga have been held by the Continental Army in 1777? Was its loss a disaster or a prudent retreat? Discover the answers to these questions that have enthralled officers and armchair generals alike for 246 years.

Musket Demonstrations Thrill at the power of muskets as American soldiers attempted to hold their ground as the British Army descended on the American held fortification. See how an army of farmers and tradesmen used their muskets & bayonets to hold back British & German soldiers.

The Power of Oxen Meet teams of oxen in action and discover their work in the summer of 1777. Immensely powerful oxen were vital to the Continental Army at Ticonderoga. Yoked oxen hauled logs miles from the woods surrounding Ticonderoga to repair American defensive works.

Guided Tours of the Fort Ticonderoga Museum Museum staff will lead you on a guided tour of this remarkable museum’s highlights. Begun more than a century ago, the Fort Ticonderoga museum has North America’s largest and most important collection of 18th-century military material and cultural objects. Get the scoop on the most significant, rare, and interesting pieces in the collection including the enormous 32-pounder bar shot on exhibit in Ticonderoga Collections: An Introduction exhibition.  This massive shot is the largest cannon projectile ever found at Ticonderoga and was designed to slash through the rigging of approaching British vessels attempting to context the passage of Lake Champlain.

Cannon Demonstrations Watch a cannon and its crew in their element, holding the British Army and fleet back with shot, fired from the earthen walls of a redoubt. Explore how the science of gunnery and field fortification were applied in the defense of Ticonderoga in July, 1777.

Hut Building Help us make history and grab a mallet or saw and try out timber framing! Work along Continental Army Soldiers to build simple wooden soldiers’ huts as they continue to hold the line for liberty in 1777.

Mount Defiance: Witness to History Guided Tours Oh, the stories this graceful mountain overlooking Fort Ticonderoga could tell! As Fort Ticonderoga relives 1777, discover the unique tactical role of Mount Defiance in the story of this decisive campaign fought for our independence.

Advance reservations are required for the following special events and are available for purchase at THESE PROGRAMS WILL SELL OUT:

Special Event: Carillon Boat Cruises
Get a front row seat for the siege of Ticonderoga during this week-long Independence Day celebration! Between floating bridges, flotillas of bateaux, and a whole British naval fleet, the fight for Ticonderoga played out on Lake Champlain and across the hills that surround it. Don’t miss this unparalleled chance to get a new perspective on the fight for independence on one of the most historic waterways in America.

Special Event: Ticonderoga Guns by Night, THURSDAY, JULY 4 ONLY!
Enjoy Fort Ticonderoga’s own 4th of July fireworks, as the flash of musketry and roar of cannon fire by night will captivate you in this unique tour and demonstrations of 18th-century firepower. The program concludes with a dramatic demonstration of weapons that you will not see anywhere else! Gate opens at 7:30 pm, program begins at 8 pm at the Log House Welcome Center at Fort Ticonderoga.

Special Event: History Happy Hour on Lake Champlain FRIDAY, JULY 5 ONLY!
Cap off your day with a relaxing narrated cruise, surrounded by scenic beauty and Ticonderoga’s rich maritime history aboard the Carillon, Fort Ticonderoga’s classic 1920s tour boat. From poignant to comical, discover the drama that surrounded Ticonderoga on the storied waters of Lake Champlain. Enjoy the flavor of history through classic cocktails, taken from tales of bootleggers and brave soldiers. A selection of beer, wine, soft drinks, & snacks are available during the cruise. Boarding begins at 5:15pm, departing promptly at 5:30pm.

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