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Fort Ticonderoga Recognizes Long-Standing Employees

Aerial view of Fort Ticonderoga

Fort Ticonderoga recently recognized several staff members for their long-time service and dedication to Fort Ticonderoga’s dual mission of education and preservation. Staff recognized include: Michael Edson, Robert Bartlett, Claire Bartlett, Stephen Teer, Catherine Burke, Richard Strum, Dorcey Crammond, Kenneth Olcott, Martha Strum, Earl Harrington, Debra Jordan, Carol Stanley, and the late John Hurlburt, who is sorely missed by the Fort Ticonderoga staff and our community. Each employee received a certificate in his or her honor with a slideshow presentation at a staff reception in the Mars Education Center at Fort Ticonderoga.

“Fort Ticonderoga greatly appreciates all employees and their dedication to the remarkable work underway, “said Beth Hill, President and CEO. “We are especially thrilled to thank our long-standing employees for their commitment to our educational work and guest experience. The employees recognized have contributed substantially to Fort Ticonderoga over the years with their time and talent.”

Fort Ticonderoga employs approximately 80 employees including 20 full-time year-round employees and supports 151 jobs in the Ticonderoga region with its economic impact of $12 million annually.

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Photo Credit: Richard Timberlake