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Major NEW Exhibition Launches National 250th Commemoration at Fort Ticonderoga

A REVOLUTIONARY ANTHOLOGY: POWER OF PLACE features more than 100 objects many on public display for the FIRST TIME EVER

Fort Ticonderoga, a museum, National Historic Landmark historic site, and major cultural destination, announces the OPENING of a major new 250th Anniversary exhibit program entitled, A Revolutionary Anthology.  The first year of this exhibit program, A Revolutionary Anthology: Power of Place, is now open to the public through October 27, 2024.

The exhibit features over a hundred artifacts, many from the newly acquired Robert Nittolo Collection, that are on public display for the first time EVER.

This NEW exhibition launches the national 250th commemoration at Fort Ticonderoga. After more than a decade of planning, research, and the multi-million-dollar acquisition of the single most important private collection of 18th-century militaria, Fort Ticonderoga is leading the launch of the national commemoration through a series of new major exhibitions which begins this year and continues through 2028.

“Fort Ticonderoga, the site of America’s first victory of the American Revolution, is implementing a multi-year exhibition program which will provide visitors with new methods to understand the people and events of the American Revolution as the nation commemorates the 250th anniversary of the War for Independence,” said Beth L. Hill, Fort Ticonderoga President and CEO. “Rare artifacts, tactile experiences, public tours, and a robust digital presence with audio and video content will ensure universal accessibility and an enhanced understanding of the Revolution’s significance for all guests.”

“Geography shaped the Revolutionary struggle in profound ways that gave places far from population centers profound significance and had a lasting effect on individuals and nations,” said Dr. Matthew Keagle, Fort Ticonderoga Curator. “This new exhibition, A Revolutionary Anthology: Power of Place explores nine places including New York City, Yorktown, the Caribbean, Iroquoia, and the Champlain Valley, that played a critical role in the conduct and fate of the Revolutionary War.”

Rare arms from the battlefields of the Revolution, artwork, soldiers’ equipment, and uniforms from American, British and French soldiers will be the highlight of a series of five annual exhibitions and part of A REVOLUTIONARY ANTHOLOGY through 2028, including this year’s Power of Place exhibit. Many of these artifacts are connected to specific individuals whose experiences will provide a personal perspective to the monumental events of the American Revolution.

Funding for this exhibition is made possible thanks in part to a Museums for America grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. #MA-253283-OMS-23.

“The opening of ‘A Revolutionary Anthology: Power of Place’ furthers Fort Ticonderoga’s reputation as a must-see historic site. With many items on display to the public for the first time ever, the site of America’s first victory in the Revolutionary War has even more history and insights to present to visitors. This year is the 250th anniversary of the War of Independence and this new exhibit is a vital piece in celebrating the legacy of Fort Ticonderoga in achieving our nation’s freedom,” said State Senator Dan Stec.

NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Commissioner Pro Tempore Randy Simons said, “Congratulations to Fort Ticonderoga for launching this enlightening exhibit. New York State was at the center of the ideas and events of 1776. We look forward to welcoming visitors from all over the world to join us in learning about New York’s pivotal role in the American Revolution – and our nation’s continuing work toward equity and justice.”

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